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Trying to conceive

Hi , am 26 years, i had my first abortion in the past 10 months and ever since i have tried to conceive but no positive results, my period just come every last week of every month, and am having sex daily with my hubby, i need a baby how can i be helped?

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The Couple MOTs

Hi, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for around 12 months with no joy. We have a beautiful two year old and prior to having her we had a miscarriage but both times we managed to conceive within 6 months. I’m at my whits end and it’s so tough on us both. I was researching on your website and saw you offered a couples MOT I wondered if you could expand on this for us please. I have tried talking to my GP but he said the NHS wouldn’t do much as we already have our daughter. I’m 26 and my husbands 31 we are both active and ear relatively healthy, we are both good weights. I don’t really know which way to turn anymore. Thank you for your help.

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Can you realign ovulation due to partner working away?

Hi I am wondering if it is possible in anyway to realign ovulation due to having a partner that works away?
It seems that every time ovulation is due he is away. Are there any alternatives that can be perscribed to increase chances on the odd month he is home?

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Miss macDonald

hello I have been sterilized for over 10 years now I am 44 and in new relationship me and my partner want to have a baby what are my chances of having a reversable operation or is there any opitions

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Sperm morphology

My husband's sperm morphology has come back at 2%. Does this mean we are most likely to need IVF to get pregnant? We are both 30 and other aspects seem normal.

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Conception chance

My husband and I are trying for our 2nd. We had intercourse about 9pm last night and I took an ovulation test at 10am this morning which was positive. What would our chances of conceiving be?

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Hi just have question

Hello. May we ask about fertility? My wife had started her first day period last January 24th. Then we did have sex on the 31st of January (8th day). Then on the 3rd of February, she got her white mens with clear fluid. On the 6th of February, she did ovulate based on the common symptoms (again white / clear discharge, above temperature felt, little cramps).

Our question, what will be our chances of her getting pregnant.

Thank you!

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Medical Condition

I have fabriod of 4.6cm in size and i am 35 years . I have being trying to conceive for the pass 7months. I have done clomid and clomid with fostimon for about 6 cycle.

Kindly recommend

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