The Couple MOTs

Hi, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for around 12 months with no joy. We have a beautiful two year old and prior to having her we had a miscarriage but both times we managed to conceive within 6 months. I’m at my whits end and it’s so tough on us both. I was researching on your website and saw you offered a couples MOT I wondered if you could expand on this for us please. I have tried talking to my GP but he said the NHS wouldn’t do much as we already have our daughter. I’m 26 and my husbands 31 we are both active and ear relatively healthy, we are both good weights. I don’t really know which way to turn anymore. Thank you for your help.

Our Expert's Answer

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A Fertility MOT test for women involves hormone tests; pelvic ultrasound scan and antral follicle count amd a general health check. A semen analysis is required for men.

From the results of these tests the fertility doctor will be able to give you advice.  

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