Fertility Questions


Hi I am 33 with an AMH if 11.2 is this good for my age?

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Sperm count

I recently had a semen analysis. My total sperm count was 300.6 million, the semen volume was 1.8 ml, the concentration was 167 million per ml, and the motility was 71%. I honestly was not expecting it to be that high. My question is, does this make my fertility/sperm count above what the average is? Compared to what is the average that’s usually seen in most guys.

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AMH 3.4 and Progesterone 21 day test

Hi I’m 43 I’ve just had my AMH blood test result and it’s 3.4 which I know is low but can I still try to get pregnant through IVF with my own eggs? I was pregnant 12 years and 23 years years ago. I need to go for a progesterone 21 day test but my 21st day falls on a Sunday and the clinics are closed. Can I go the day before or after?

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Amh level

I just received my amh level which is 6.05 and I’m 29 years old. Are my levels high or low?

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Transvaginal Ultrasound Explained

Hi, I recently had a Transvaginal ultrasound and I can’t find any information online about the results. Can you please help:

The report says:

Normal uterus. Right ovary has approx volume of 23ml, containing 7 follicles, the largest of which is thin-walled, 26mm and contains a daughter cyst. The left ovary volume is 6.6ml and contains 11 follicles, the largest is 7mm. Bladder and kidneys are normal.

Thanks in advance!

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Freezing eggs

I am on zoladex injection for chemical menapause, can I stay on it if I want to freeze eggs?

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Pregnancy tracking

Once pregnancy is confirmed through the clinic whats the procedure going forward do you use to track pregnancy with the midwives?

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Am I pregnant

I think I’m pregnant but I’m not sure because I don’t know when I was fertile or when I ovulated

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