AMH 3.4 and Progesterone 21 day test

Hi I’m 43 I’ve just had my AMH blood test result and it’s 3.4 which I know is low but can I still try to get pregnant through IVF with my own eggs? I was pregnant 12 years and 23 years years ago. I need to go for a progesterone 21 day test but my 21st day falls on a Sunday and the clinics are closed. Can I go the day before or after?

Our Expert's Answer

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You can still get pregnant  with IVF aged 43  with a low AMH.  The low AMH means that you will not produce many eggs in the IVF process and will probably be prescribed a higher dose of fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries. 

Having been pregnant before is positive even though it was a long time ago.

If you are having a day 21 progesterone test you should check with your clinic as the day depends on your normal cycle length.