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Low AMH, Normal FSH, High TSH

Dear Sir/Madam, I have received the results from my advanced fertility test yesterday and realised that my AMH is very low (1.7 pmol/L), my FSH is 6.1 IU/L though. I have a Hypothyroidism caused and my TSH is always on the upper border 4.18 mu/L (0.27-4.20). I am not taking any medication to lower the TSH as my GP didn't recommend any, but I think it might be influencing my fertility (ovulation) and possibly the low AMH. I am 37. Could you kindly advise? Many thanks.

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Blood test results

I have just had my results back from a blood test and my Serum progesterone level was 56.2. I have read that a week after ovulation a women should be at about 20.

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Do antipsycotic cause temporary infertility?

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Low sperm count and infertility

Hello Doctor, my total sperm count is 19.6 million, motility 70%, immotility is 30%, active is 50%, rapid is 20%, morphology normal shape is 60%, volume is 3.2 ml. Married since 2016, but still no baby. Taking Fertisure M tablets. Can I become a father?

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Husband has Kleinfelters, wanting the facts on SSR and our options

My husband has been diagnosed with Kleinfelters (XXY), diagnosed as azoospermic. He has an FSH of 34, Testosterone 15 and a negative Cystic Fibrosis gene test. He had an ultrasound scan which showed small bilateral testes which were sonographically normal with normal epididymi and small bilateral varicoceles.

We have had a consultation which we have been given information about just moving forward with Donor Sperm as the likelyhood of there being sperm in the testes in next to none. We feel very upset and also a bit let down that SSR has not been considered.

This decision to recommend Sperm Donation and ICSI was based on high FSH, Kleinfelters and small testes, I have done research and been looking at reports on KF investigations and this has led me to believe that SSR should be considered especially Micro TESE.

A few questions - What is your professional opinion based on the above? Should SSR be considered? Also is Micro TESE something that is done in your clinic? What is the cost of Micro TESE done privately if it is something you do offer?

Your help is hugely appreciated.

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Hi I've been given results of a low Amy level and elevated fsh level of 16 my anti follicle count was 6 but a Dominant 1 ready for ovulation would I still be able to use my own eggs for IVF or is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

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ICSI suggestion

Can ICSI fail fertilisation due to poor quality of egg or can sperm problem?

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How quickly can ovarian reserve decline

I'm 32 years old and trying to get pregnant for the first time. In April I had AMH reading of 15, and now it's down to 12.5. How quickly can ovarian reserve decline? We are having ICSI soon and if I have embryos left, could they be used for a second pregnancy in a couple of years even if my AMH has declined to below 5?

Thank you

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