Transvaginal Ultrasound Explained

Hi, I recently had a Transvaginal ultrasound and I can’t find any information online about the results. Can you please help:

The report says:

Normal uterus. Right ovary has approx volume of 23ml, containing 7 follicles, the largest of which is thin-walled, 26mm and contains a daughter cyst. The left ovary volume is 6.6ml and contains 11 follicles, the largest is 7mm. Bladder and kidneys are normal.

Thanks in advance!

Our Expert's Answer

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This is a normal ultrasound scan report, shows good follicular activity in the ovaries (good egg reserve, good response to IVF stimulation). The thin walled follicle with the daughter cyst does not need attention: it may be a small follicular cyst which will be absorbed in the next 1-2 months.