Please can you help me

Myself and my partner have been trying to conceive now for 1 year. I feel as though we are not been taken seriously. I am 21, he is 26. I feel people don't seem to take us seriously due to me only being 21, however this does not mean anything to us as this is what we want. I have had a pelvic internal ultrasound which came back clear. I have had the 21 progesterone blood test which came back I wasn't ovulating but my GP said he thinks the test was done at the wrong time. It is very hard to tell when to do this test as my periods are so irregular. for example, my cycle three months prior to this one lasted 18 days, the second cycle 30 days and this current cycle 20 days. I have recently had other blood tests for prolactin and ruebella which were all ok. My partner has had a seamen analysis which we are currently awaiting on the results, however because my periods are so irregular and because of past history I cannot help but think the problem here is me. I was hospitalized in 2013 for anorexia nervosa where my menstural cycle completely stopped however did return around 2 years later. I have had hyperthyroidism which then turned to hypothyroidism which is now stable. Also, I had my last depo shot august 2017 which i have heard could play a part. Please can you help me out is there any other test I can have? surely its not normal to have cycles so irregular

Thank you

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You are right to think that your irregular periods are not good. You have a chance to ovulate in cycles with 21-35 days length. You may want to try home ovulation predictor kit (such as ClearBlue Digital) to check if you are ovulating. It is recommended to check your thyroid function regularly as underactive thyroid can cause irregular cycles. After the Depo, your system still can be shut down and may need more time to recover. The Depo effect can be checked by blood test in your period days (FSH, LH, Estradiol). It can be boosted by taking ovulation induction medication (Clomid).