Conceiving with bad quality eggs

Hi there, after 2 miscarriages and a year after that of TTC, it was noted that I don't have strong ovulation. My eggs were never tested, but assume they are not good quality. I took Clomid and conceived right away and had a healthy boy. We want to try for #2 but my cycle has not returned, therefore we cannot begin Clomid. I know my ovulation has returned, but we are afraid to try naturally for fear of another miscarriage. Is our risk of MC higher without taking the Clomid?

Our Expert's Answer

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Thank you for contacting us, we are sorry to hear of your issues. How are you so sure that your eggs are bad quality? Do you have Polycystic Ovaries? You may want to contact our clinic so that we can understand your medical history more thoroughly. We would offer an AMH test, pelvic ultrasound scan and possible tubal patency testing with Hycosy along with partner semen analysis.