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Im eligible for icsi on nhs funding but have to get my bmi to 30 before they will start. If i tranfered to you as an nhs funded patient would you be able to go ahead with bmi of 35 or would i still need to get down to 30?

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Trying to conceive for abt 1 1/2 years

I am 26 yr female.I am trying to conceive.But it didn't happened.Whether I can able to get pregnant with my husband's 30% sperm motility naturally?And how do I know whether I am ovulating or not?

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What fertility treatment would you advise

I'm 42 and have never been pregnant. I had the mirena removed 3 months ago and no period. Having 10 days of norithisterone and no periods my bloods have come back With FSH 41.2 LH 43.3 Oestradiol 346 and Prolactin 133.
What treatment would you recommend please as my husband and I would like to start a family.

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Frozen donor egg treatment

Why do you need to have so much drug prep for frozen donor egg? Can't the egg be implanted in timing with your own natural cycle, if you are ovulating normally, through use of scans and LH surge?

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After a pelvic scan it has shown I have a small dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries, will IUI still be a option?

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Fertility mot

What is the difference between a fertility MOT and pre-treatment investigation?

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Unprotected sex on day 21

Hi I am due to start treatment for ICSI on day 21 of my period we have had unprotected sex. Is it possible to concieve naturally during this time?

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Surrogacy - Low Egg Count

I'm 37 years old and me and my partner are just beginning the gestational surrogacy process with our friend who's agreed to be our surrogate. I can't have a baby naturally on my own due to some other health issues and history so surrogacy is the best option for us. I've recently learned however that I have a low egg count and now i'm worried that me and my partner won't be able to have the surrogacy experience we originally planned for. He's not comfortable with the idea of someone donating eggs as he really want the baby to be ours and to be honest, so do I. Should I/Can I still go ahead with the surrogacy with my own eggs?

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