Surrogacy - Low Egg Count

I'm 37 years old and me and my partner are just beginning the gestational surrogacy process with our friend who's agreed to be our surrogate. I can't have a baby naturally on my own due to some other health issues and history so surrogacy is the best option for us. I've recently learned however that I have a low egg count and now i'm worried that me and my partner won't be able to have the surrogacy experience we originally planned for. He's not comfortable with the idea of someone donating eggs as he really want the baby to be ours and to be honest, so do I. Should I/Can I still go ahead with the surrogacy with my own eggs?

Our Expert's Answer

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If you want to go ahead with surrogacy it depends on how low your egg count is and how this diagnosis was made.  If I had more information on your AMH, antral follicle count and Day 2 FSH I would be in a better position to advise you.