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Over weight

I'm over weight and am in process of slimming but would I still be able to have IVF ?

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About hCG level after IVF

My wife had an hCG test on day 14 after implantation with two frozen embryos. The result was 23. On d16 the level was 7 so she stopped medication. Now she is on day 19 but has not bled. Is that a problem and is there a possibility that she is pregnant ??

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Embryo transfer

Can I please enquire whether you use ultrasound guided embryo transfer ?

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Can I have IVF?

I was wondering the best way to have IVF as I have my Fallopian tubes clipped

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Treatment options

On a recent test , my partner had a low sperm count , 5 million, 3% morphology and 40% motility but only 5% moving forward progressively . We have been trying to conceive for 9 months. I am 36. What do you think our treatment options would be and chances of it working?

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Ivf after failed vasectomy

My partner has children to his previous marriage and had a vasectomy in 2008. He had a reversal in January this year but it was unsuccessful with no sperm found at six months. Is the only option other than further surgery is to have ivf?

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Advice of best treatment

At the moment I am taking clomid to make me ovulate but also my partner has low sperm motility.

Which treatment would be best for us?

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At 41 chances of getting pregnant with ivf and pgd/pgs

I am 41, with 2 older kids ?(12 & 10). My partner is 38. done all necessary tests, everything is normal. after a failed iui in january, i just had a missed miscarriage. do you believe i have good chances with ivf and pgd/pgs, or should i forget about a third child.

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