IVF failure

We already had ivf and did not succeed due to not having good quality eggs and my husband having no sperm. We have a 7 year old so I don't won't a donor. I just want to give a brother or sister for my daughter.My husband had a brain tumour when 15 and he had had an injection for me to fall pregnant but now we have a child we can no longer go on it as it's very expensive.We did freeze some sperm but the problem is with me and not him.

Our Expert's Answer

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I am sorry to hear that you did not succeed with your cycle of IVF.  Unfortunately it is really difficult for me to give you any other advice than to have further IVF using your husband's frozen sperm or to use either donated sperm or donated eggs.  All these treatments are expensive and there is no guarantee that they will work.  Your unit may offer you counselling as part of your treatment and they will be able to help you cope with the disappointment of not being successful and not being able to have a sibling for your daughter.