31 low AMH

I'm in a female same sex couple. Had a previous AMH result of 3.4. I have regular periods and no other health problems. I know IUI wouldn't be recommended in my case but what are my chances of a successful IVF cycle? And would you recommend I do a Natural IVF cycle?

Our Expert's Answer

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Unfortunately your AMH is unusually low when compared to your age. It is important to test your fertility in different ways: ultrasound scan (antral follicle count) and another blood test (FSH, oestradiol on cycle day 2 to 4).

I would argue why IUI is not recommended. You have reasonable chances to conceive naturally via IUI. On the other hand, a low AMH predicts a low IVF response. IVF is better controlled and gives higher chance of pregnancy than IUI. If your FSH is not high (<12 IU/L) and your antral follicle count is not low (>4), I would recommend IVF.

I would not recommend natural IVF as success rate is not higher than IUI but can be expensive and invasive.