Is Modified Natural Cycle IVF or Mild Stimulation IVF the best for DOR

I am almost 42 years old and I'm still ovulating. My AMH is 3.2 pmol/L, my AFC done on day 14 of my cycle is 8, my day 3 FSH is 6 IU/L (estradiol not measured). I also have an intramural submucous fibroid on the top of my uterus which I need to have removed.  I was advised to do Modified Natural Cycle IVF or Mild Stimulation IVF because at my age egg quality is a concern? Do you agree or would you advise conventional IVF? With my DOR time is an issue (I wanted to roll the dice with an IUI ), but am I right in not trying to get pregnant until I've had my fibroid removed because it poses a threat to any potential baby? Thank you very much.

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This very much depends on the position and size of the fibroid and whether it needs removing, as time of the essence. 
The drug stimulation may be Modified Natural Cycle or high dose FSH and that will require a personal discussion.
We would be happy to discuss this with you at our clinic in a 30 minute consultation following an ultrasound scan.