Hello, I am almost 43, and would like to know if I should try to conceive via IUI or IVF? I already have 2 children, both conceived naturally and within 2 months of trying. My youngest child was conceived when I was 41. Does this mean that IUI success is possible even at my age now? Thank you.

Our Expert's Answer

This information was published 5 years, 10 months ago and was correct at the time of publication. It may not reflect our current practices or regulations.

Please note that all the answers we give are on a generic basis only, as we cannot provide more in-depth answers without access to your medical history. If you need a more detailed response, tailored to you, we would recommend a consultation with one of our Fertility Specialists for more comprehensive medical advice.

Both IUI and IVF have less than 5% success rate. It will be useful for you and your partner to have an MOT (with AMH testing too for the woman) so you can better understand your chances.

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