Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)

Hi, it just turned out I have POF according to the doctor. FSH above 100, the ultrasound scanning showed my ovaries are in normal condition, I'm still waiting for the result of AMH. Can I get a more precise result how many eggs do I have left- if there are any- by an Antral Follicle count test? I'm on HRT at the moment Eleste Duet 2mg. My gynaecologist said I have only 5-10% chance to get pregnant naturally, better if I use donor eggs. That's the reality? There is no hope for me?Thank you for your advice.

Our Expert's Answer

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In answer to your question, the diagnosis of POF is made by having no periods and very high levels of serum FSH. This therefore seems to be confirmed in your case.

As such this means that you have no more eggs in your ovaries and you are unlikely to release any eggs in the future. Therefore your chance of conceiving naturally is essentially zero and certainly <1%.

IVF with your own eggs is not possible as you have none left and so the only possible treatment is IVF with donor eggs.

I am sorry that this is the case for you but it would be pointless pursuing any other treatment.

I would be happy to see you in the clinic and discuss this with you personally at any time. If you would like to discuss this with me, please telephone 0161 300 2737 to arrnage a consultation with one of our specilists consultants.