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I am 52 years old I want to carry a baby for my daughter is that possible my tubes are tide I am going through menopause

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AMH 10.8, FSH 9 just turned 45

If you have a high AMH 10.8 for your age and normal FSH would IUI still be a credible option for fertility treatment?
I got pregnant naturally at 41 and have had 2 early m/c since.

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41 years old

I'm 41, 42 in Sept. My question is would it be worth freezing my eggs or has that boat sailed.

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Egg freezing

Hi can I freeze my egg at age 45?

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53 post menopausal

I'm 53 and my tubes are tied. I have gone through menopause would there still be any eggs left of mine to harvest?

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Help for 47 year old

I'm 47 and have had 4 children by c section , then was sterilized. Is there any chance that I can become pregnant with my partner now?

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Over 40

Could I still have a baby at at 46 even though I have had my tubes tied in the past and gone through the menopause, I have been with my partner over 2 years, he is 12 years younger than I am and has no children, I have 4 children already, youngest being 15,any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Treatment aged 53

Is it possible at age 53 to become a mother with an egg donor. I have not had any menses for the past 3 years. I have tried IVF but wasn't successful.

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