Why no ivf for the over 50 in the U.K.

Hiya my husband is younger than me. I was told by my doctor the cutoff was 46 for ivf treatment so did not follow up on it as it was to late for us. But have been told by a clinic it was 49. I have not had a children yet but would have liked one but no one will consider ivf with donor eggs as I'm 50 why is this the case. If I wanted funding for the treatment I understand that there should be a cutoff but as I would fund this ourselfs why can I not be considered

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Many women, typically those in their 40s, use donor eggs to get pregnant because the quality of their own isn’t suitable anymore due to age. We offer IVF with donor eggs for patients up to the age of 50. Please call us on 0161 300 2737 to discuss this with a patient advisor.