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Did the tubal ligation a year ago, now I'm in a new relationship and would like to get pregnant again, but do not want to make the reversal of tubal ligation. Is there any way for me to get pregnant again without making the reversal of the tubes?

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Very low AMH

I am 37.5 years old, single and now live in Docklands in London. A couple of weeks ago I was in Greece and went for some blood tests. When I received the results, the Greek doctors told me that my AMH is too low, which means that I do not produce eggs and therefore I will never have my own children.

Could you please tell me if there is any chance that the result for AMH was wrong?
Can I repeat the blood test for AMH here in London? When can I do it and how much will it cost me?
If the results will be the same again, does this mean that I do not produce no eggs at all?
Will I have any chance if I proceed to IVF? If yes, what would the percentage be?
Why is AMH that low? Someone told me to check if I have "Chlamydia".

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Is there any research in the success of IVF or IUI following removal of over severe Endometriosis? I also have a low AMH level of 15.9 and am concerned and confused about the way to move forward. We've not yet had the opportunity to try for children due to my health problems but I am only 32 so any advice would be useful.

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Hi! I am hoping to begin fertility treatment and was wondering if it's possible with my condition of Hypogonadism, and what can I do to maximise my chances?

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I suffer from vaginasmus and desperately want to start a family. Is there any possible treatment where I can be knocked out to allow the IUI process to work?

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Husband is diabetic?

Hello, I am 34 and my husband is 36 with diabetes. He uses insulin. His diabetes is not in control and sometimes is as low as 30. I have been trying to conceive for two years now. Had IVF in October 2013 but THT also failed. I am extremely worried. Please help. What should I do?

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DHEA Supplementation with HRT

I am taking a low dose HRT after being diagnosed as having POF/POA - I would like to try DHEA supplementation but should this be taken as well as HRT or instead of?

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DHEA sure good for conception?

I have tried three cycles of IUI, with sperm count each time being 24-26 million /ml and count of 30 million to 35 million. My husband was asked to take fertility tablets before these treatments but couldn't see any increase. Surgeons say my ovaries may have layers of thin cyst which can't be seen in ultrasound so they laparoscopy to clean them.

Also prolactin is high (26) for which another doctor recommended DHEA sure and Fertisure for me, and zinc supplements for husband. We were told to not opt for IUI this month.

My AMH level was 0.9 last August and FSH and LH check this time was normal except prolactin. So I'm worried of side effects because I'm 63kg and 30 years old with lots of acne on my face. I am anxious to conceive after my first missed abortion due to chromosomal abnormality in fetus in second month. We both normal in chromosomal analysis. Will DHEA work for us or should I opt for laparoscopy as suggested by surgeon?

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