Is there any research in the success of IVF or IUI following removal of over severe Endometriosis? I also have a low AMH level of 15.9 and am concerned and confused about the way to move forward. We've not yet had the opportunity to try for children due to my health problems but I am only 32 so any advice would be useful.

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I would not consider the AMH level of 15.9 pmol/l as low. It is a perfectly normal average level. The IUI success rate after severe endometriosis is rather disappointing as usually fallopian tubes are affected. If you have the opportunity to try (i.e. heterosexual relationship and your partner has fertile sperm quality) there is nothing against to try naturally. It would be worthwhile testing the patency of your fallopian tubes if it was not done during the operation. The recommended test is HSG (hysterosalpingogram). However IVF treatment is quite effective way to treat endometriosis related infertility. If you do not conceive naturally after a few months (6 months) of trying or you need donor sperm or there are sperm quality concerns, IVF is definitely the recommended way.