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I am wondering, what would be the highest BMI that you would start treatments and investigations on? I currently have PCOS and am struggling to lose weight.

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I have been told that I have an Isthmocele following my C-section. I had IVF for my first child. Would you recommend having this repaired prior to having another cycle of IVF?

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PCOS & Egg Quality

Can PCOS affect egg quality? Can the protocol affect egg quality? 17 were collected and 10 fertilised. However all eggs were poor quality and slow progressing. Only 1 made it to blasto and had moderate fragmentation. How can I improve egg quality or is it just luck of the draw?

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Should I have a HSG test after an ectopic?

I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2005 in my right tube. The tube was not removed and I had a salpingectomy.

I am now 31 and my partner and I would like to start a family, however I am afraid of a repeat ectopic pregnancy. Is it wise it have a HSG test done prior to trying to conceive? I have read online that it not only confirms if your tubes are healthy but it also removes small blockages.

I know many doctors will tell me to try for 6 -12 months before seeking fertility advice, however I would really like to know if there is anything I can do prior to trying to help increase my chances.

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What is BMI requirement for Clomid?

My current BMI is 37. Would I be able to start Clomid with the fertility clinic due to PCOS?

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Hi, I am 31 and been trying to conceive for 5 years. I have had one cancelled IVF as my AMH levels are very low - around 1, and the follicles were too small. My sister kindly donated an egg, she has two children, but her AMH levels were also low. One good quality egg was produced, however it didn't implant. I am unsure what to do now. Is there any chance of a natural pregnancy? Should I take DHEA to increase my chances? And will clear blue ovulation kits work if my AMH is so low? Is there anything else I can do? My husband’s sperm is good.

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Miscarriage risk

I have recently found out I am pregnant after first round of IVF. While so pleased I am so scared of losing this pregnancy. I am 39, what chance do I have? Also if I'm taking progesterone if I do miscarry will I have any symptoms?

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Natural Killer Cells

Do you offer NK cells testing and if so what is the cost?

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