I wonder if my own eggs are working?

About 10 years ago I had Leukaemia, I had chemotherapy and a full body radiotherapy for bone marrow – all went well, had a few ups and downs but was successfully in remission. Because I had the radiotherapy it affected my eggs which meant three years ago we had to go through an IVF cycle (using donor egg and husband's sperm) which was successful and we were blessed with gorgeous twin boys. Since being in remission from cancer I was taking medication HRT tablets which was making me see a cycle each month. I was continuing taking these tablets until IVF but when my babies were born I stopped taking my HRT tablets and still see a cycle each month, and it's a "real period". So I was wondering, does this mean that my eggs might be like they were before I had radiation? Could this be possible?

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It could be possible. Your GP should be able to give you advice about this. There are blood tests for LH, FSH, oestradiol and AMH which will give an indication of your egg reserve.