Managing Stress Caused by Infertility: Stress Awareness Month

19th April 2017 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

April is Stress Awareness Month. And whilst some research has shown that stress contributes to infertility making it harder to conceive, there is no doubt that fertility problems and going through treatment are causes of stress for many people.

Worrying about whether treatment will work, feelings of guilt because of an infertility issue, concerns about the financial impact of private IVF treatment – all of these factors can make starting the fertility treatment journey an intense and emotionally stressful time for everyone involved.

At Manchester Fertility, we can help. We understand the impact that stress and its many causes has on our patients, affecting people in different ways. Many patients starting treatment with us are already stressed by their fertility struggles.

So you’ll find your path to parenthood with us involves many different aspects above and beyond just advanced treatments. From fertility nutrition to acupuncture and even cost effective ways to fund private fertility treatment, including the reassurance of a refund, we focus on your complete wellbeing to make your journey as stress-free as we can:

Health concerns: Fertility diet and nutrition

If you’re worried that your health could impact your treatment outcome, we can get you fertility fit and ready for your treatment cycle. If you have a high BMI, or are underweight, or just want to know the best diet to support a pregnancy, our fertility diet and nutrition expert Jeannette Jackson can provide you with personal one-to-one guidance and practical support to address your health needs. She can help you lose weight ready for IVF, or make any diet and lifestyle changes to maximise your physical health.

Managing stress: Acupuncture for fertility

Our medical acupuncturist Dr Greg Carter provides dedicated acupuncture for fertility for our patients. Acupuncture can help not only with the psychological aspects of infertility but stress management and relaxation throughout your treatment journey. Dr Carter will devise a personal therapeutic acupuncture plan for you that gives you maximum benefit.

Easing financial worries: Ways to fund private fertility treatment

The financial risk of private fertility treatment is a big worry for many patients. So at Manchester Fertility we offer a choice of pre-paid funding plans through our partners Access Fertility, as well as traditional funding methods. These plans give you discounted private fertility treatment, multiple cycles to increase your chances of success, and some even offer a money-back guarantee if your included cycles don’t result in a live birth. We also offer our own consultant-devised package for donor sperm insemination.

Someone to talk to: The Manchester Fertility personal support network

As a Manchester Fertility patient you’ll be supported every step of the way by our clinic team. From our fertility consultants to our counsellors, fertility nurses and patient advisors, we are your support network. We are here anytime you need us, if you just need a listening ear or want professional advice from our counsellors.

Early pregnancy worries: Our Fertility Support Midwife

It’s normal to be anxious in the early days of your pregnancy after treatment success, but you don’t face these worries alone at Manchester Fertility. Our Fertility Support Midwife Lynsey Moorhead is here to reassure you. She’ll book you in for your first pregnancy scan at our clinic to confirm your pregnancy is progressing well, and give you advice and guidance.

Baby anxieties: Prenatal testing

If you’re worried about chromosome conditions affecting your baby, we offer the latest non-invasive prenatal testing. It involves a simple blood test, which is highly accurate at assessing the risk of common chromosome conditions. We can perform the test at our Cheshire clinic from 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Book in for your free one-to-one

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Last updated: 18th April 2017