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Your IVF support network: Meet our teams

10th March 2016 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Undergoing fertility treatment doesn’t just affect you physically; it’s an emotional journey for both you and your partner. 

Personal support at this time is so important to your wellbeing before, during and after your treatment. In our fourth blog post that explores more about our full service fertility clinic, we detail the support network you benefit from when you join our patient family.

Patient Advisors

Our Patient Advisors are typically the first people you speak to when you come to us for treatment. This special team of clinic staff are here to ensure your time with us is as stress-free as possible, with all your questions answered and treatment running seamlessly at every stage.

Nursing support

Our Nursing team give you dedicated support during treatment procedures. They will personally look after your every need and provide much-needed reassurance if you’re unsure about how each step of treatment has gone for you. They will give you advice and support before you leave our clinic, when you take your pregnancy test and beyond. 

Donation team

Our dedicated Donation Team provides bespoke support if you need to use donor sperm or donor eggs to have a baby; they also provide personal support to our generous sperm and egg donors throughout the process of application and donation. They get to know our donors personally and will help you with donor matching so you can choose the right donor for you with confidence. 


Having someone impartial to talk to is crucial during fertility treatment. You may feel unable to confide in your partner, friends or family members about how you’re feeling. Our counselling team has vast experience in guiding our patients through the ups and downs of fertility treatment. No matter what you’re feeling, you’re not alone and they are here at any stage of treatment to help you so you can progress your journey.

Dietary and nutrition support

Our dietary expert Jeannette Jackson is here to support you if you need to make sure your health is at its optimum before you begin your treatment. A high BMI can affect your fertility and the outcome of fertility treatment – Jeannette will help you manage your diet and nutrition so your health is maximised and you’re prepared for treatment. 

Complementary therapy

A holistic therapy such as acupuncture is thought to bring many benefits to those going though IVF. Our acupuncture therapist Dr Greg Carter specialises in medical acupuncture for fertility, hormonal and gynaelogical problems and can help promote relaxation and wellbeing during your journey.

Of course your time with us doesn’t end when you leave us as a parent. Many people come back to us to grow their families in future years, and continue to share happy stories with our team about their children through testimonials and on our Facebook page, thanks to the close bond that develops between our team and our patients.

If you’d like to join our family, take the first step by booking an appointment or calling our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737.

In our final blog post tomorrow, we’ll explore the scope of fertility expertise at our clinic through our team of leading fertility consultants.

Last updated: 18th December 2020