Fertility testing and innovations for IVF success

9th March 2016 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that we can tell you how fertile you are? Fertility checks are an important first consideration if you’re trying to get pregnant.

In our third blog post about our full service clinic, we talk about fertility testing and our investments in proven techniques and innovations if you do need our help to have a family. 

Fertility checks: Do you need one?

If you’re ready to start a family, it makes sense to start with a fertility check. The British Fertility Society last year urged all women to have fertility tests at age 25, because so many women are unaware about the natural decline of fertility in their 30s. 

Our Fertility MOT tests will tell you if either you or your partner has a fertility problem that could make natural conception difficult, before you start trying for a baby. Complete testing and a follow-up results consultation can be completed in just one month, and there’s no need for a referral or GP letter – just call us and book in privately.

Full or Mini MOT

You have a choice of two different fertility checks at Manchester Fertility, either a full Fertility MOT or a Mini MOT. Full testing includes scans to check for issues such as fallopian tube blockages or uterine abnormalities. Both packages include egg count tests – or ovarian reserve testing. This tells you how many eggs you have remaining. And for your partner, thorough semen analysis to check sperm count and sperm qualityincluding the very latest in sperm DNA testing, the SpermComet test.

Fertility check results: our innovations to help you

If your fertility tests reveal a problem, your Manchester Fertility consultant will explain treatments to overcome this at your follow-up consultation. If you do need our help to have a baby, you can be reassured that we have invested in the very latest in IVF technologies and innovations scientifically proven to boost your chances of success, including: 

Endometrial Scratching:A simple procedure performed in our clinic, Endometrial Scratching is a pre-cycle treatment that changes the way your endometrial lining grows, making it more receptive to any transferred embryos.

Time-lapse EmbryoScope:These special incubators give us a picture-by-picture video of every crucial early stage of embryo development, helping to ensure only those embryos with the highest potential are selected for transfer. 

EmbryoGlue:An innovative product containing high levels of hyaluronan found naturally in the uterus, EmbryoGlue is a special solution that acts like a glue to help your embryo stick to your uterus after transfer, aiding implantation. Your embryos will be bathed in EmbryoGlue just prior to transfer.

SpermComet testing:The next generation of sperm DNA testing, SpermComet will reveal if your sperm has high levels of damaged DNA, so that treatment can be tailored to reduce the risks of failed cycles or miscarriage caused by DNA-damaged sperm.

If you’d like to have a baby but want to know more about your fertility status, book in for a fertility test by calling our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll discuss our dedicated support for you when you become our patient.

Last updated: 9th March 2016