Donor eggs available in Manchester and Cheshire: Our treatments

8th March 2016 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

In our second blog post of a special series exploring our range of fertility services, treatments and specialists under one roof at our clinic in Cheadle, our Donation Team explains more about treatment using donor eggs and why you might need this very personal and sensitive treatment to have a baby.

Do you need an egg donor?

Women need to use egg donors for many different reasons. The most common reasons for this treatment at Manchester Fertility is because of medical conditions where a woman isn’t producing her own eggs, or age-related infertility, where a woman is too old to have a baby using her own eggs. You can have IVF at Manchester Fertility up to the age of 50, but if you’re over the age of 44 we would always recommend the use of donor eggs. 

About our egg donor programme

We launched our dedicated sperm and egg donor recruitment programme in 2009, and were one of the first UK clinics to launch a frozen donor egg bank in 2012. We’ve many years expertise in helping women to successfully have a baby through an egg donor, with no waiting list. 

We were also the first clinic in the UK to receive the prestigious Centre of Excellence award from the National Gamete Donation Trust, in recognition of the highest level of personal support we give to our donors at every stage. So you can be assured that our donors, like our patients, only receive the best care when they donate to us.

Choosing your donor

You’ll be given an extensive choice of egg donors when you come to us for treatment. All of our egg donors are healthy fertile women aged 18-35 to maximise egg quality, screened to strict HFEA standards. All Manchester Fertility egg donors complete detailed personal profiles, including a personal goodwill message to you and the child you may have. They also receive thorough counselling so they understand what being an identifiable egg donor means.

Treatments using donor eggs

Treatment using donor eggs is either a fresh donor egg IVF cycle or a frozen donor egg cycle using an egg from our donor egg bank.

A fresh cycle involves your IVF cycle and the ovarian stimulation and egg collection of your donor being expertly timed and synchronised, so that her eggs are ready to be fertilised by your partner’s sperm (or a donor’s) via ICSI at exactly the right time. 

A frozen donor egg cycle is where your uterus is prepared to accept an embryo, with a frozen egg from your chosen donor thawed to be fertilised and transferred at the right time. 

Any remaining embryos you have from your cycle can be stored at our clinic for use in future through a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

Donor egg IVF costs: Exclusive packages

We are one of the few fertility clinics to create tiered, fixed fee packages for women using donor eggs, to make this treatment as accessible to as many people as possible. You can choose from:

  • Exclusive egg donor: You’ll receive all of the eggs collected from your chosen donor (minimum of six eggs) in a fresh IVF cycle.
  • Shared egg donor: The eggs collected from your chosen donor will be shared with both you and our egg bank. You’ll receive a minimum of four eggs to use in your fresh IVF cycle. 
  • Frozen egg bank donor: The eggs from your chosen donor will have been frozen and stored in our laboratory before being thawed for your use. We use the vitrification method to freeze eggs, which ensures high survival rates for frozen donor eggs. You’ll receive a minimum four eggs for use in treatment. 

Fees for these packages can be found here via our full downloadable price list. All donor egg treatments include donor matching, cycle planning, monitoring scans, sperm preparation/ fertilisation, embryo culture and transfer using EmbryoGlue, an innovative product that helps the embryo to ‘stick’ to your uterus. You also receive a pregnancy scan or follow-up consultation post-treatment. 

If you’d like to find out more about IVF treatment with donor eggs, please book in for a private one-to-one with our Patient Advisors. These free sessions are an ideal way for you to ask any questions you may have in confidence. 

In tomorrow’s blog post, we’ll talk about the fertility checks we offer and our investment in the latest IVF innovations and techniques to boost your chances of successful treatment.

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