Quality Donor Eggs & Embryo Selection: How We Maximise Your Pregnancy Chances

10th January 2018 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Demand for donor eggs has never been higher and having our own award winning UK egg donor programme, Manchester Donors, means we have donor eggs available now for treatment.

It is a very selective process, and we aim to ensure you receive only the highest quality donor eggs from healthy and fertile UK-based women.

We’re so confident that you’ll have a baby with us that we were the first UK fertility clinic to offer a refund to women using donor eggs.

Here are just some of the ways we offer you the highest chance of pregnancy if you need an egg donor to conceive: 

  • Selecting egg donors:We only accept women aged 18-35 onto our egg donor programme who are likely to have a good response to ovarian stimulation. Not only to ensure a good outcome in terms of quality eggs for donation, but also to ensure that there are no underlying issues that would put a donor at risk of complications. So our egg donors have a safe and rewarding donation experience. 
  • Quality donor eggs, not quantity:We don’t over-stimulate our egg donors as we’re focused on the quality, not the quantity, of donor eggs and the wellbeing of our egg donors at all times. All egg donors receive consultant-led care and tailored ovarian stimulation so we have quality mature eggs for you. 
  • Guaranteed number of donor eggs:Because of our individualised stimulation protocols for our egg donors, we can give you the guarantee of six donor eggs per cycle from your chosen egg donor. 
  • Advanced embryo selection: Time-lapse:You can choose to develop your embryos in our time-lapse incubators, which produce a video showing your embryos’ growth to give us highly detailed insight about each embryo’s potential for pregnancy. 
  • Free Blastocyst culture:We develop embryos to Blastocyst stage free of charge. Blastocysts are embryos that have been developed beyond the standard transfer time, allowing us to identify the best for transfer. Not all embryos will reach the advanced Blastocyst stage. 
  • Personal embryo transfer:Around 25% of women with repeated implantation failure have a displaced window of implantation. At Manchester Fertility we can pinpoint your window of implantation through a revolutionary new Endometrial Receptivity Array genetic test, increasing your chance of implantation and pregnancy. 
  • Free EmbryoGlue:We use EmbryoGlue as standard at no cost to you for your embryo transfer. It helps your embryo to adhere to your uterus after transfer so it can implant and grow. 
  • Vitrification cryopreservation:If you choose frozen donor eggs for your treatment rather than fresh your chances of pregnancy won’t be affected thanks to the advanced vitrification or ‘fast freezing’ method we use, which results in high survival rates and viability. All frozen donor eggs are stored via vitrification, and as the eggs are already frozen in our donor bank, it’s a quicker treatment process if you need donor eggs. 

Refund guarantee for IVF with donor eggs 

At Manchester Fertility you can also benefit from discounted treatment and a money-back guarantee when you have treatment with donor eggs. 

We offer Access Fertility’s Donor Eggs IVF Refund plan, which gives you up to three cycles of IVF with UK donor eggs from our programme at a heavily discounted cost, with a refund of up to 70% of plan fees if you don’t have a live birth. 

So you don’t need to worry about funding future cycles if you’re not successful first time and the financial risk of treatment failure. Or you can opt to fund treatment through traditional fees if you prefer. 

Treatment with donor eggs at Manchester Fertility: Book a free private one-to-one

You can start treatment with UK donor eggs now – we don’t have a waiting list for UK donor eggs or consultations. Book your free one-to-one to chat through your options in private on 0161 300 2737or self-refer online and we’ll be in touch.

We’ll also be at the Fertility Show Manchester 24-25 March. Come and meet our team at stand B10!Book your tickets online here.



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