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7th March 2016 in General

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Did you know there’s so much more to Manchester Fertility than just IVF and fertility treatments?

We’re a full service fertility clinic. From fertility testing to check if there are any issues before you try to conceive, to the very latest in non invasive prenatal screening, we will take care of you when you’re trying to get pregnant, during fertility treatment and beyond. 

In our special series of blogs for March, we’ll explore our specialist range of treatments; fertility testing and innovations to increase your chances of success; your support network at our clinic and our consultant expertise

In our first post, our Donation Team explains why we’re one of the UK’s leading clinics for treatments using donor sperm.

UK sperm donors: the waiting list myth

The media often reports of a UK shortage of sperm donors, the National Sperm Bank made headlines last year for recruiting nine sperm donors since its launch. But at Manchester Fertility, we have no waiting list for donor sperm from our exclusive UK sperm donors. 

Whether you’re a single woman or in a same-sex partnership, or have male fertility problems that mean you need donor sperm, you can start your journey to a family immediately with our help.

This is because we’ve invested heavily in our manchesterdonors.com programme. For the past seven years, we’ve been promoting sperm donation and its altruistic benefits. We’ve ensured our dedicated Donation Team can provide our donors with the personal support and care they need – it’s why so many men choose to donate to us.

You’ll be given a choice of our health-screened sperm donors, based on the criteria you’re looking for. In addition to physical details and interests, our donors even include a goodwill message to you and any child you have, adding a unique personal touch to your decision about who is the right donor for you.

Treatments using donor sperm

Donor sperm insemination (DI):The most common treatment using donor sperm at Manchester Fertility is donor sperm insemination. We welcome many same-sex couples and single women for this treatment at our clinic. You can read about their experiences on our Testimonials page.

IVF using donor sperm:This treatment is the same as standard IVF but instead of a partner’s sperm being used, donor sperm is used instead. IVF with donor sperm has higher success rates than donor sperm insemination. 

ICSI using donor sperm:ICSI is a refinement of IVF where a single healthy sperm from your chosen donor is injected directly into your retrieved egg to fertilise it. 

Your Manchester Fertility consultant will recommend which treatment using donor sperm is right for you, that carries the highest chance of success dependent upon your circumstances and diagnosis.

Success rates when using donor sperm depend upon a number of factors, including your own age, and therefore the age and quality of your eggs being fertilised.

If you’d like to have donor sperm treatment with us, make an appointment here to get started on your journey. 

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll explore treatments using donor eggs: when you might need the help of our egg donor bank to have a baby and our unique package options to make this treatment accessible.

If you’ve got any questions, call our friendly Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737.

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