Male Fertility Expertise in Manchester and Cheshire

21st April 2016 in Fertility

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Male fertility isn’t often talked about. The natural assumption when you’re having trouble conceiving is that the problem is usually with the woman.

But did you know that just as many cases of infertility that we treat are caused by problems with sperm? It’s estimated that around a third of men have fertility problems.

At Manchester Fertility we specialise in helping infertile men become fathers.

From our consultant expertise to treatments using donor sperm and the techniques and technologies we use, we’re one of the UK’s leading clinics in treating male infertility in all its forms.

We can pinpoint exactly why you’re not getting pregnant, and recommend the right treatment to overcome the problem – even if you’re not producing any sperm at all:

Reaching a diagnosis - Male fertility testing

Both you and your partner will need initial fertility tests to identify where the fertility problem lies. For men, this involves simple, non-invasive testing using a sample of your sperm in our laboratory.

At Manchester Fertility, we’ve invested in the very latest in sperm analysis techniques:

SpermComet:SpermComet is a highly-sensitive, accurate test that measures the amount of DNA damage in each individual sperm. DNA damage doesn’t come to light through routine sperm tests, but it’s often a hidden cause of unexplained infertility, miscarriages or failed IVF cycles. SpermComet is the only test that examines DNA damage in each sperm, rather than in the sample as a whole. Results can help to identify if IVF will work for you, or whether a refinement such as ICSI, where a single healthy sperm is injected into the egg, would be more successful.

Motility, morphology and sperm count:Our expert Andrologists will analyse your sperm to examine how it moves, its shape to check for abnormalities and sperm count.

Sperm testing results – your treatment plan

The results of all these tests will not only give us a cause of your infertility but enable our male fertility specialists to create a bespoke treatment plan for you that has the highest chance of success.

Even if your results show that you have no sperm in your sample, our specialist procedures such as Surgical Sperm Retrieval may give you the chance to use your own sperm in treatment.

Our Consultant Expertise

All patients with male fertility problems see our male fertility specialist and Consultant Urological Surgeon, Dr Steven Bromage. Dedicated to overcoming even the most complex cases of male infertility, he is highly experienced in treating men with all types of sperm disorders, including those that require surgery.

Donor Sperm available now

If testing and likely chances of success from treatment show your best option to have a family is through the use of donor sperm, we can offer you a choice of UK sperm donors who are all HFEA-registered and have passed the strict medical criteria and sperm tests needed to become a sperm donor. All our sperm donors are aged 18-41 and have completed detailed personal profiles, so you can choose the right donor for you with confidence, supported by our counsellors and our dedicated Donation Team every step of the way.

If you’re worried about male infertility or have been diagnosed with a problem and want our help, our friendly Patient Advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may and can make you your first appointment. Call 0161 300 2737 or use our discreet live chat service, available on our homepage during clinic hours.

You can also read our Guide for Men for more details about how we help men with male infertility.

Last updated: 20th April 2016