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SpermComet DNA Damage test

Man and daughterHave you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility? Have you had recurring miscarriages or failed cycles of treatment? Sperm DNA damage could be the cause. 

As a leading specialist clinic in the treatment of male infertility, we are now offering SpermComet® – the very latest next generation of sperm DNA quality testing for men.

Up to 80% of couples with unexplained infertility have problems in their sperm DNA. Sperm DNA damage can lead to a number of problems with fertility such as fewer eggs being fertilised, embryos not developing as well as they should, lower pregnancy rates and even miscarriage.

About SpermComet

The SpermComet test provides us with unique information by measuring the amount of DNA damage in individual sperm.

The SpermComet test is different to the semen analysis test that we usually carry out. Sperm DNA problems will not show up in a semen analysis test, and often semen analysis results come back showing no issues, even when you’re having problems getting pregnant. This is when a diagnosis of unexplained/unexpected infertility is given.

SpermComet results

Your test results will help predict the success of infertility treatments and which treatment is most likely to succeed. So it may be recommended that you go straight to ICSI treatment rather than starting with IVF, significantly reducing the length of treatment time and improving chances of success. You can also take steps to improve sperm quality by making simple lifestyle changes.

Performing the test

We can perform SpermComet at the same time as your semen analysis test. We will explain your results to you in detail at your follow-up consultation, including treatment recommendations and lifestyle changes you can make if your sperm does show DNA damage. 

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