Getting Pregnant Through Insemination: Partner or Donor Sperm

21st December 2016 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a very common, simple fertility treatment that may help you to become pregnant, by putting sperm closer to the egg in the hope that it fertilises and implants.

At Manchester Fertility, we specialise in IUI and have helped many people to have a family this way, including couples with ovulatory disorders and same-sex female couples and single women who undergo donor sperm insemination using sperm from our UK-based, traceable sperm donors.

We’re the only clinic in the North to offer an exclusive discounted donor sperm insemination package, offering multiple cycles of insemination at a single fixed cost.

IUI: Natural or stimulated cycle?

IUI can be carried out in two ways. Natural cycle IUI is carefully timed for when you’re at your most fertile in your monthly cycle. Or a tailored dose of fertility drugs can be used to ensure you have a mature egg to fertilise.

IUI with partner sperm

If you have ovulatory problems, a stimulated cycle of IUI may be a recommended option rather than IVF. Your Manchester Fertility consultant will advise the treatment path for you that gives you the highest chance of success, based on your individual test results.

When you have mature eggs ready, your partner’s sperm is inserted close to your uterus in our clinic theatre. Your partner’s sperm is carefully-prepared and ‘washed’ in our laboratory, so it’s optimum for insemination.

Insemination is a short and painless procedure, and you’ll be able to go home afterwards once we’ve confirmed you’re well, with full follow-up and pregnancy test instructions.

Donor sperm insemination – IUI with donor sperm

We help many same-sex female couples and single women to have a family through donor sperm insemination, and also couples where the male partner has no sperm or his own sperm can’t be used. You can choose to fund donor sperm insemination per cycle, or opt for our dedicated Donor Sperm IUI package.

Our own successful, nationwide sperm donor bank Semovo gives you an extensive choice of UK-based, traceable sperm donors who donate only to us and are extensively health screened according to HFEA standards.

Our dedicated Donation Team will match your preferences with our available sperm donors. Our sperm donors are men from all walks of life, from all across the country – from professional businessmen and entrepreneurs to medical personnel and students. All have the generosity and altruism to donate sperm to help others have a family.

Although the insemination procedure is the same as using partner sperm, using donor sperm means you’ll be offered implications counselling, which is mandatory for all our patients using donor sperm.

This is so we can explain to you all the different aspects of using donor sperm – such as your rights and parental legalities, your donor’s rights and what they can know, and the rights of any child you have.

All donor-conceived people have the right to apply to find out who their donor is when they turn 18, if they wish to. We’ll also discuss how to tell your child they’re donor-conceived, when you decide the time is right.

Pregnancy test after IUI/donor sperm insemination

You’ll be able to take a pregnancy test around two weeks after your insemination procedure. If it’s positive, we’ll book you in for a pregnancy scan with our Fertility Support Midwife. The scan is to confirm your pregnancy via foetal heartbeat. If all looks well, your care will be transferred to your NHS/GP team and pregnancy support will continue through them.

If you’re pregnant following donor sperm insemination, you may also have the option to reserve further sperm samples from your chosen donor for future use, in case you decide to add to your family in future and would like to use the same sperm donor.

If your test is negative, you’ll have a follow-up with your fertility consultant where your treatment path and outcome is reviewed. It may take a course of inseminations to achieve pregnancy, or IVF with donor or partner sperm may be advised.

Start your family through IUI or donor sperm insemination

If you’d like to discuss IUI or donor sperm insemination, we have no waiting list for treatment. Call our friendly Patient Advisors to get started on 0161 300 2737 or apply for an appointmenthere.


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