Online Sperm Donor Dangers: Find your Sperm Donor at a Licensed Clinic

23rd December 2016 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Are you tempted to look for a sperm donor on the internet? With increasing numbers of men offering to sell their sperm via private advertisements, going ‘direct’ to the donor can be an appealing option.

You have a choice of willing sperm donors, you make your own arrangements, you know who the donor is - and isn’t it much quicker to obtain sperm this way, than going through a licensed clinic and potentially joining a waiting list?

But sourcing donor sperm online via unlicensed and unregulated services is highly risky not just for you, but any child you have and even the donor himself.

Here’s why you should always invest in a licensed clinic for donor sperm insemination:

The great ‘sperm donor drought’ myth: Since the National Sperm Bank stopped recruiting sperm donors earlier this year, it’s been well-reported that there’s no donor sperm available in the UK, that men don’t want to donate sperm and anyone who needs a sperm donor faces a long and lengthy wait even for imported sperm. Encouraging many women to look to online sperm services, or even go abroad.

But our highly successful Semovo sperm donor bank is thriving. We have an extensive choice of UK-based, traceable and identifiable sperm donors, thanks to our resources, personal donor support and 30-plus years of expertise in sperm donor recruitment. Men do want to donate sperm, and are donating to us, So you can be assured that there is UK donor sperm available for you.

Screening for safe sperm: It’s extremely unlikely that anyone offering their sperm online has had any kind of health or STI screening to make sure their sperm is safe for you to use. All registered sperm donors available from us – or any licensed clinic - have passed strict medical screening to be accepted, to protect you, and any child, from any genetic, hereditary or other transmitted diseases. All the sperm we offer must also pass strict quality checks, to ensure that it has a good chance of being used successfully in treatment – it’s why men cannot be older than 41 to be a sperm donor with us.

Parental law: Although your online private sperm donor may agree not to be involved in your child’s life, in some instances he may actually be the legal father, and have all the rights and responsibilities this carries. But choosing a registered sperm donor from a licensed clinic means parentage is set by law – the sperm donor is not your child’s legal father regardless of whether you’re a single person, married or in a relationship, and has no claim, moral or financial obligation.

What if you know the sperm donor? It’s not unusual for some women to ask a male friend to donate sperm, but even if you know your sperm donor well and trust him, it’s always still advisable to have treatment at a licensed clinic – for his benefit as well as yours.

He becomes a registered sperm donor and all the protection this gives – he can even specify his sperm is only to be used by you – whilst you have treatment in the knowledge that parenthood is set by law and he will have no claim to your child in future, regardless of his intention now. ‘Known donation’ is common, and we’re highly experienced in helping women to have a baby with sperm donated by someone they know.

Donor sperm insemination: start treatment now

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