Same-Sex Female Couple: Fertility Treatment Options

3rd February 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that at Manchester Fertility we’ve been helping same-sex couples to have children for over 30 years?

We’re a specialist fertility clinic in Manchester and Cheshire for same-sex couples from our region’s LGBT community and beyond, who trust our care, expertise and knowledge of their unique needs when choosing where to have a family.

If you’re a female same-sex couple, you have multiple treatment options at Manchester Fertility:

Fertility testing and investigations:

Our first step is to perform thorough fertility investigations, to see how fertile you are and whether IVF with donor sperm, or donor sperm insemination, is the best option for you.

If aren’t suitable from either of you, you can have treatment with donor eggs too - we can offer you a choice of UK-based egg and sperm donors that fit your requirements, with no waiting list.

Donor sperm IUI

Donor sperm insemination can only be successful if you’re fertile and have no issues such as blocked fallopian tubes or scarring, which would prevent conception. Donor sperm IUI is usually performed as a natural cycle, carefully timed for when you ovulate naturally. If you have irregular ovulation, or ovulation problems, we can perform a stimulated cycle where we use low doses of fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation so you have an egg ready to be fertilised.

Donor Sperm IVF

IVF with donor sperm has a higher success rate than donor sperm insemination. Retrieved eggs are fertilised using sperm from your chosen donor in our advanced laboratory, with the best quality resulting embryo transferred to your uterus to implant and grow.

IVF Partners: Involving both partners in fertility treatment

Many female same-sex couples wish to use eggs from one partner, with the other partner carrying the baby. In this instance, you effectively ‘donate’ your eggs to your partner. One of you undergoes stimulation with eggs retrieved and fertilised, but instead of the embryo transferred back to you, it grows in your partner’s uterus instead.

We’ve helped many same-sex couples to have their families this way, IVF Partners is a carefully-planned and tailored treatment process but one which ensures you’re both physically involved in treatment. In most instances, eggs from the younger partner are used, whilst the older partner carries the baby.

Egg-sharing to our donor programme for reduced-cost IVF

If you’re also willing to donate eggs to our donor programme as well as to your partner, you can egg-share to benefit from reduced-rate IVF with donor sperm. To egg-share, the partner whose eggs are being used must fulfil certain criteria, including being aged 18-35, a non-smoker and with no serious medical history.

IVF with donor sperm and donor eggs

If you need to use donor eggs as well as donor sperm - for example you may both be older women or you may each have fertility issues that mean your own eggs can’t be used – we can help. We have UK donor eggs ready to be used now in your treatment, so there’s no need to join a waiting list. Read more about using an egg and a sperm donor in the same treatment cycle.

Choosing your donor

All the egg and sperm donors we offer are UK-based, HFEA-registered and fully traceable and identifiable to your child in future. Manchester Fertility egg and sperm donors complete detailed profiles to help you choose, including personal touches such as a goodwill message, with insight from our dedicated Donation Team so you can choose with confidence.

Counselling support

All patients using donor sperm or eggs, or egg-sharing, are given implications counselling. We’ll talk to you about things like the rights of your donor-conceived child, what your child can legally know about their donor, any donor siblings and how to explain to your child they are donor -conceived.

If you’re egg-sharing, we’ll explain the possibility of future contact from someone conceived using your donated eggs, and other issues you may not even have thought of.

Counselling ensures that you’re both fully informed and prepared for all eventualities, for your wellbeing and that of your child in future.

Bespoke treatment, no hidden costs

Your treatment plan is tailored to you and your unique circumstances, to give you and your partner the highest chance of pregnancy. You’ll receive a fully-costed treatment plan upfront from your consultant, with no worries about hidden costs or ‘extras’ to pay for throughout your treatment.

For donor sperm IUI treatment, we offer an exclusive package that gives you up to three cycles for one fixed, discounted fee.

Future sibling cycles and pregnancy support

If your treatment is successful, you may be able to reserve sperm from the donor you used for future cycles for a sibling. You’ll be under the care of our specialist Fertility Support Midwife once your pregnancy test is positive. She performs an early pregnancy scan and helps you during these crucial first stages.

Same-sex fertility treatment: Start your journey today

If you’d like to know more about having a family with us, read our Guide and Testimonials from same-sex patients. Contact our friendly Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2730, or self-refer.

You can also come and meet us at this year’s Fertility Show at Manchester Central (25-26 March). Our team will be there to help you with any enquiries you have, our Medical Director Dr David Polson is also guest speaker at the event. Book your tickets here.

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