IUI for Same Sex Couples Explained

7th August 2019 in Fertility

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IUI Same Sex Couples

Are you a same-sex couple looking to start a family? Making the life-changing decision to try for a baby together using a sperm donor is so exciting, but we know it can also feel a little overwhelming, too. Don’t worry - we’re here to help you every step of the way.

As proud supporters of our LGBT community with many years of expertise helping same-sex couples and gay singles to have families, our dedicated and expert team will guide you through the process. 

Here are some of the top questions we’re asked by female couples about treatment with donor sperm, which you may find helpful as you start out on your own journey:

What does donor insemination involve?

Donor insemination - also called IUI with donor sperm - is one of the main treatments for female couples. It involves placing donor sperm inside your uterus, close to the egg at the time of ovulation, in the hope of getting pregnant. Typically, IUI with donor sperm is carried out as a natural cycle, which does not involve any fertility drugs. It’s one of the least invasive and quickest ways to try for a baby.

Can I reserve sperm from my donor for future treatment?

Yes, you have the option to use the same sperm donor to have another baby, subject to sperm availability. Many female couples who successfully have a child with us come back for treatment to grow their family. You can reserve sperm from your current donor when your pregnancy is confirmed. Either you or your partner can have future treatment using the reserved donor sperm.

How much does donor sperm insemination cost?

IUI with donor sperm with Manchester Fertility costs from £1,500 for a single cycle, which includes your choice of sperm donor from our UK sperm bank, ovulation monitoring, insemination procedure, pregnancy scan or follow-up.

 Do you offer any treatment packages for IUI with donor sperm?

We offer various packages for same-sex couples who need a donor sperm, they are also available for single women and couples with male factor infertility. Our most popular package with female couples is our IUI with donor sperm multicycle package, that gives you up to three cycles of insemination for a fixed package price of £3,500.

Multiple cycles of insemination are often needed to achieve pregnancy which is why our package is designed to give you the peace of mind that future cycles are already paid for, at a significant cost saving, if you need them.

What’s included in the donor sperm IUI package?

Our donor sperm IUI package gives you up to three pregnancy attempts using donor sperm. Each cycle of insemination includes everything you need, from initial scans to pregnancy test.

Every cycle you have under the package is a personalised journey, so your IUI procedure happens at exactly the right time when you ovulate that particular month. The insemination procedure takes place the day after ovulation is detected.

We also offer the flexible option that if your own insemination attempt is unsuccessful, you can choose to transfer any remaining cycles to your partner, so she can undergo donor sperm IUI instead.

Our IUI package includes all of the below:

  • Personal donor matching service by our dedicated Donation Team

  • Sperm from your chosen donor selected from our UK-wide sperm bank - we have UK donor sperm available now with no waiting list

  • All your monitoring, blood tests, and scans as required within the treatment cycle

  • Counselling by our friendly counselling team to talk through implications of donor sperm treatment

  • Preparation and washing of donor sperm in our laboratory, so the sample contains only the most motile and active sperm for successful fertilisation

  • The insemination procedure

  • Pregnancy scan or follow-up consultation two weeks later

  • Early pregnancy midwifery support

  • Licence fee as required by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the UK independent fertility regulator

What are the success rates for IUI with donor sperm?

We have consistent success rates for donor sperm insemination, thanks to our focus on sperm quality and treatment with you in mind, that maximises your chance of pregnancy from every cycle of IUI with donor sperm.

 You can meet some of our patients who’ve had donor sperm treatment and their beautiful babies on our Testimonials page:

Want to get started today?

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We do not have a waiting list for UK donor sperm, so you can start your treatment straight away if you are ready. Or if you just want a chat at this stage about your options, we are here to help.

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Last updated: 7th August 2019