Treatment with Donor Eggs: Your most asked questions

7th February 2020 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Liz Johnson

Are you interested in treatment with donor eggs? Whether you already know you need donor eggs or it’s a new option you’re considering, we are here to help answer your questions about our treatment with donor eggs.


To help you get started and understand more about treatment with donor eggs, our Donation Team has answered some of the most asked questions we get from patients - from success rates to the cost of treatment, choosing your donor and the process, as well as the support throughout the treatment journey.


If you have a question that isn’t answered below, we’re always happy to help! You can call our Donation Team on 0161 300 2734.  You’re also welcome to come in for a free, 1-2-1 with our Donor Programme Manager Liz Johnson, you can book it online with Liz here.


What is IVF with donor eggs?


Treatment with donor eggs is very similar to IVF, except that we are using donor eggs to create the embryos. As the donor egg recipient, your treatment is focused on preparing your body for embryo transfer and pregnancy.


What is the donor eggs IVF process?


The exact process depends on whether you are using fresh or frozen donor eggs in your treatment. 


But it typically involves using fertility medications to thicken the lining of your uterus, so it’s ready for embryo implantation. Donor eggs are fertilised with either partner sperm or donor sperm, with the best resulting embryo transferred to implant and grow. You can take a pregnancy test two weeks after your embryo transfer. 


You’ll also have counselling as part of your treatment, to talk you through the implications of using a donor. 


How much does donor eggs IVF cost?


A typical cycle of treatment with fresh donor eggs costs from £8950; a cycle using frozen donor eggs costs from £6650. 


We also offer a range of cost-effective and affordable donor eggs, IVF treatment packages. You can choose from a single or multicycle package. 


Take a look through our donor egg package options here.


Where do your egg donors come from?


All the egg donors we offer you at Manchester Fertility come from our own egg donor programme, Manchester Donors. It’s one of the UK’s most successful and longest-established egg donor programmes. Our success means we can offer you a great choice of egg donors to help you start your family. Our donation team will take time to understand the characteristics that you are looking for in a donor. We offer a personal matching service to ensure that you receive a choice of donor profiles which match your requirements.


All our egg donors are HFEA-registered, health-screened, counselled, and are fully identifiable to your child in future. 


What are the donor egg IVF success rates?


Because we tailor and personalise every treatment cycle to you, and focus on donor egg quality and not quantity, you have a very good chance of pregnancy when using donor eggs with us. 67% of women using fresh donor eggs and 50% of women using frozen donor eggs from our donor bank achieve pregnancy. 


What’s the age limit for IVF with donor eggs?


We have helped couples and women up to the age of 50 using donor eggs. 



What’s the difference between fresh and frozen donor eggs?


There’s no difference in the quality of the eggs. The main difference is that if you’re using fresh donor eggs, we need to synchronise your treatment cycle and your donor’s donation cycle, so the embryos are ready at exactly the right time. 


This isn’t required if you’re using frozen donor eggs as these are already retrieved and ready to be used in our donor bank. 


How do I choose my egg donor?


We understand that choosing your egg donor is a big decision for you, and that’s why we’ll help you find your ideal egg donor through our personal egg donor matching service. We’ll get to know you to understand what you’re looking for, and because we know our egg donors well too, we’ll be able to find you the best matches. 


Ready to start treatment or want to know more? 


If you are ready, you can book a consultation or a free 1-2-1 here, or call us on 0161 300 2734, to find out more.

Last updated: 1st September 2020