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Fertility MOT

Our Fertility MOT tests are designed for people looking at their future fertility. They are private fertility tests for men and women that assess key factors that can affect natural conception. Fertility MOT is available individually or as a couple.

Your Fertility MOT: What it can tell you

Your Fertility MOT test results on their own aren’t the sole indicator of your ability to conceive, as there are lots of other factors that need to be considered too, in particular your age and lifestyle.

So a private 30-minute fertility consultation is included with your Fertility MOT with one of our fertility specialists, where we’ll look at all these different factors together with your test results.

You may need further investigations, or just need to understand your own fertility better. We’ll advise next steps to help you achieve pregnancy, either naturally or with our help if an issue is found.

What a Fertility MOT test involves

A Fertility MOT test for women includes:

FSH/LH testing:  We’ll test your FSH and LH levels. FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone - is produced by the pituitary gland and is one of the main hormones responsible for egg production. LH is Luteinising Hormone, and together with FSH it’s one of the necessary hormones needed for ovulation.

E2 testing: We’ll check your Estradiol level. Estradiol is a hormone produced by the ovaries each month as they grow and develop.

Pelvic ultrasound scan: A full analysis of your womb and ovaries to check for anything that could be preventing conception and implantation.

Antral Follicle Count: We’ll check your Antral Follicle Count using the latest 3D ultrasound. The number of antral follicles tells us how many eggs are ready to mature.

HyCoSy* test if appropriate: HyCoSy is a procedure to check if your fallopian tubes are open or blocked. NB: If a HyCoSy is required, there will be an additional charge for this test. 

Health check: We’ll check your height and weight to measure your BMI. BMI impacts on fertility in different ways if it’s too high or too low, which may influence your ability to conceive.

A Fertility MOT test for men involves a semen analysis, which examines:

Sperm shape:  Abnormally-shaped sperm may not be able to break through the egg for fertilisation. We look at sperm head, midsection and tail.

Sperm movement: Otherwise known as sperm motility, we’ll look at how well your sperm moves and how many of your sperm are live.

Sperm count: The number of sperm in your semen. Every man’s sperm count or density is different, and it varies day-to-day. We’d expect to see at least 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen for a normal result.

Volume: We’ll check your semen volume is within a normal range. If you don’t ejaculate much semen this may indicate low sperm number.

Sperm pH: We’ll check to see if your sperm’s pH is within normal levels.

Book a private fertility test

If you’re interested in a Fertility MOT or have any questions about whether it’s useful for you, speak to our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2730. You don’t need a GP referral to have a Fertility MOT, you can book yourself or self-refer online.


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