30 years of happy families at Manchester Fertility

26th February 2016 in General

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As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’d like to share with you a small snapshot of our milestones, successes and achievements at our clinic over the years since we first opened in 1986.

We’ve had the privilege of being part of so many happy stories, creating families against the odds and giving people not just promises, but treatments and advanced techniques that work: 

1987: Manchester Fertility’s first ever baby born through IVF, Philip Hood, is welcomed into the world in April 1987 at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester. His birth marked the start of our many years of success

1990s: The number of babies born to the Manchester Fertility family continues to grow. We extend our range of treatments beyond IVF as science and techniques advance.

2000s: Increasing numbers of people come to our clinic for our patient-focused approach and expert care. We welcome anyone that needs our help to have a baby: from single women and same-sex couples wanting donor sperm, to couples with diagnosed fertility problems.

2009: Our dedicated sperm and egg donor recruitment programme, Manchesterdonors.com launches. Already the clinic of choice for sperm donors in Manchester, we created Manchesterdonors.com to make it easier for men and women to find out about donating sperm and eggs. Manchesterdonors.com today ensures our patients have no waiting list for donor sperm or eggs.

2010: We’re given approval by HFEA to begin our sperm and egg freezing fertility preservation service. We launch our egg-sharing scheme, designed to help both women who need donor eggs and those who need IVF. 

2011: We become the first clinic in the North West to use EmbryoGlue for embryo transfers, a breakthrough product designed to help transferred embryos ‘stick’ to the uterus. We also offer the newest egg-freezing technique ‘flash-freezing’ or vitrification, which helps to ensure high rates of survival for frozen eggs. A new Mini Fertility MOT test launched, to complement our full fertility testing service.

2012: New Endometrial Scratching procedure offered. The pre-treatment procedure, proven to help embryos implant, is offered to both our patients and privately to anyone having IVF elsewhere. We celebrate our silver anniversary, 25 years since our first IVF baby was born.

2013: We move to a new, purpose-built state of the art clinic in Cheadle, Cheshire. Designed to the exact specifications of our teams across our clinic, our new facility heralds a new era for Manchester Fertility and our patients. We also celebrate the arrival of our first baby born from a frozen egg, and offer a Clinical Geneticist service.

2014: We are the UK launch clinic for Access Fertility’s pre-paid Refund and Multicycle programmes, the first ever plans of this kind to be offered in the country. We invest in new EmbryoScope time-lapse technology proven to improve success rates; a new complementary therapy acupuncture service is also launched. We offer the very latest in pre-natal testing, the non-invasive Harmony test, and open a new satellite clinic service in Macclesfield to meet demand. We’re named the UK’s first Centre of Excellence by the National Gamete Donation Trust, in recognition of the highest standards of care we give to our sperm and egg donors.

2015: More complementary services are launched for patients with the addition of Nutritionist support. New Modified Natural Cycle IVF treatment is launched, and more investment in technology with the addition of Electronic Witnessing to further safeguard your embryos, eggs and sperm.

2016: We’re the first ever clinic to offer our patients the Access Fertility 100% Refund plan. We invest in new, breakthrough sperm DNA quality test SpermComet, further cementing our position as a leading UK clinic in the treatment of male infertility. 

If you’ve got memories to share about your time at Manchester Fertility, we’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’d like to say thanks to a particular member of our team who helped you on your journey, or simply wish to share a photo of your Manchester Fertility miracles, drop us a comment on our Facebook page.

To our patients over the years, thank you for letting us be there with you to share your happiness. To all our new patients, welcome to our family.

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