Diet & nutrition

Diet & nutrition

Helping you prepare for fertility treatment and pregnancy.

BMI, diet and lifestyle choices affect fertility in both men and women and can impact your chance of successful treatment.

To help you prepare for IVF and the journey ahead, we have lots of positive information and advice within our blogs to help optimise your body and health before, during and after fertility treatment.


Quick and easy fertility diet tips

Prenatal vitamins

You do not need to take special prenatal vitamins before and during treatment. But we do advise that you take folic acid, which is recommended for women trying for a baby and in the early stages of pregnancy.

Reduce processed foods

Cut out processed foods and foods high in fat and sugar. Watch out for hidden fats and sugars in processed sauces. 

Opt for wholegrain

Swap refined carbs such as white rice, white bread and pasta for wholegrain alternatives. 

Vegetable proteins too

Your body needs protein but it does not just come from meat - increase your vegetable protein intake with foods such as seeds, beans and lentils. 

Not all fats are bad

Cut down on saturated fat but up your good monounsaturated fats – found in foods like avocado and olive oil. 

Eat your greens

Bulk up your meals with leafy salads including spinach – a natural source of folic acid, recommended in pregnancy. 

Patient Support

We are here to help you get ready for fertility treatment, support you through it and take care of you in the earliest days of pregnancy.

Explore our comprehensive range of Patient Support services, including holistic therapies, counselling, fertility midwifery and more.

Patient Support
Patient Support

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