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Get Fertility Ready for Donor Sperm Insemination

6th January 2017 in Advice

Planning to have a baby through donor sperm insemination this year? It makes sense to ensure you’re fertility fit and ready for your donor sperm IUI treatment cycle, to maximise your chances of pregnancy.

At Manchester Fertility your donor sperm IUI cycle is tailored and planned for you by your fertility consultant, taking into account all the many different factors that can affect outcome such as your fertility rate, ovulation cycle and your age.

But did you know there are ways you can help to positively influence the success of your donor sperm insemination treatment as well?

Here’s our advice on how you can prepare for donor sperm IUI to optimise your fertility and get your body ready for treatment:

Are you a healthy weight?

Being overweight or underweight affects your own fertility. It can affect your hormone levels which in turn affects ovulation and your menstrual cycle. In order to fertilise your egg using donor sperm if you’re having natural cycle donor sperm IUI, we need to be certain you’re ovulating regularly.

If you’re not, we can perform a stimulated cycle instead, where fertility drugs are used to ensure you have a mature egg to fertilise. But your BMI may affect how you respond to stimulation also, particularly if your BMI is high, you may not respond well.

In previous studies of women undergoing donor sperm insemination, pregnancy rates progressively decreased as BMI increased, with pregnancy rates in women with a BMI of 20-24 double that of women with a BMI of 28-36.

So before you consider donor sperm IUI treatment, make sure you’re a healthy BMI.

Eat a healthy diet

Your diet and nutrition intake matters when trying for a baby through donor sperm insemination, just as much as it does when attempting to conceive naturally. Eating a good, balanced diet of fresh foods from all the food groups is great for your health and is the best way to get yourself in shape for a baby.

Overhaul your lifestyle

Various studies have shown a link between alcohol intake and conception, and current Department of Health advice is that women planning a baby should take the safest approach and not drink alcohol at all. So either cut back or give up alcohol altogether. Smoking also has a detrimental effect on fertility; studies have shown women who smoke reduce their chances of conceiving. Aim to quit smoking at least three months before you start treatment, to ensure that your body, and your eggs, are nicotine free. This includes e-cigarettes, as they still contain nicotine.

Consider professional fertility diet & nutrition support

If you need help to maximise your health and diet in preparation for donor sperm IUI treatment, our private fertility nutritionist Jeannette Jackson can help.

She can identify if you have any deficiencies in your diet, your personal nutritional requirements for successful conception and pregnancy, including key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which foods you should eat and what to avoid.

She can also help with de-stress and relaxation techniques to help you through treatment. You can book private appointments with Jeannette at our clinic by calling our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737.

We also offer acupuncture for fertility, which many of our patients find beneficial during their treatment journey. Dr Greg Carter offers personal acupuncture therapy at our clinic at your convenience.

Book your donor sperm IUI consultation

If you’d like to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, we have donor sperm from our UK-based sperm donors available with no waiting list, so you can start treatment straight away.

All of our sperm donors are fully identifiable and traceable to any child you have in future, and complete detailed personal ‘pen portrait’ profiles to help you choose, including a goodwill message.

We also offer an exclusive donor sperm IUI package to help you fund treatment, which includes up to three cycles using sperm from a donor of your choice for a single, fixed discounted price.

Call our Patient Advisors for more details on 0161 300 2737orbook your donor sperm IUI consultation online.

Last updated: 6th January 2017