Manchester Fertility is the UK's first 'Donor Centre of Excellence'

27th October 2014 in News

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Want to donate your eggs or sperm? Donate to us – we’re officially the first clinic in the UK to be awarded Donor Centre of Excellence recognition.

The accolade from the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT), the country’s leading egg, sperm and embryo donation services charity, means that as a donor you can be reassured that you’ll only ever receive exceptional care by our team when you donate to us.

If you’re a patient who needs donor sperm or eggs, you’ll be able to choose your donor with the confidence that they have had the very best support and help from our team, right from the moment they applied to donate.

The new Donor Centre of Excellence award is the NGDT’s new and prestigious kite mark, designed to celebrate and reward clinics which reach the gold standard in donor care. As a Donor Centre of Excellence, we are now one of the NGDT’s preferred referral clinics for people interested in sperm or egg donation.

Caption: (Left-right – Joanne Adams, Senior Andrologist at Manchester Fertility; Manchester Fertility patients Jacqui & Joanne Knighton with baby son Frankie; Laura Witjens, Chief Executive of NGDT and Pip Morris, Donor Recruitment Manager & Office Coordinator)

To secure the award, the NGDT assessed our donation procedures and processes over a six-month period. Extensive analysis of all elements of clinic life in the context of donation was carried out – from the way in which we handled that all-important first tentative enquiry from a potential donor to the manner in which we expressed our thanks once the donation process had been completed.

Personalised care, attention to detail, provision of information, flexibility, commitment, dedication, discretion, donor choice and clinic facilities - from car parking to private donation rooms - were all aspects in which we exhibited best practice.

The NGDT noted that our excellence extended way beyond our care of patients and pure clinical practice, saying we ‘treat potential and actual donors as generous and special human beings, and with the dignity, respect and sensitivity they deserve, but which is sadly so often lacking in other clinics’.

Winning this award, and being the first clinic in the country to achieve it, is a hugely rewarding and proud moment for all our team. We have consistently high standards of care not just for our patients but our donors, it’s why people donate to us. As a result, it means that we can always help people who need donor sperm and eggs to have a baby with no waiting lists.

Our passion and drive to raise awareness of egg and sperm donation, and the personal level of care we give to our donors, has officially been recognised.

And so we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our donors, past and present, who have helped make so many dreams come true and helped shape Manchester Donors to be the award-winning programme it is today. And to our patients, for welcoming our team into your life and giving us the opportunity to help you become parents. It has been our privilege to support each and every one of you.

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