The Emotions of using an Egg Donor: Have your Baby with Confidence

21st April 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

With 90% of patients initially hesitant to use donor eggs according to a study by a USA egg donor bank, using donor eggs to have a baby undoubtedly carries many complex emotional issues.

Using donor eggs is a huge decision, and the impact of being told you can’t get pregnant using your own eggs cannot be underestimated, for both partners.

For some couples donor eggs are a last treatment to try before other routes are explored such as adoption or surrogacy.

Using donor eggs: Genetic, maternal and social concerns

In our experience helping women to have families using donor eggs, using another woman’s eggs carries a special significance often because of genetic, maternal and social concerns.

Will you really feel like your baby’s mother if you use donor eggs? Will you be judged for your decision to use donor eggs, especially if you’re using donor eggs to have a baby later in life?

It’s important to remember that when you have treatment with donor eggs, for whatever reason, donor eggs provide the biological means to have a baby only.

Your partner will provide his sperm to fertilise the eggs, you will be pregnant, bonding with your growing baby and giving birth, just as in natural conception. You are fully and completely your baby’s mother, in every sense of the word.

Using donor eggs is simply a different and very special way for you to conceive your family, just like other forms of treatment like IVF or donor sperm insemination.

Professional support: Counselling

The sensitivities of using donor eggs are completely individual to each patient. It’s why all Manchester Fertility patients using donor eggs in fertility treatment are offered counselling with our experienced team.

Not just so we can explain future factors such as your child’s right to find out who their egg donor is, but so we can support you and your partner in your decision to use donor eggs and all that this entails.

You don’t need to worry about confiding in our counsellors about any concerns you have. They’ve helped many couples through treatment with donor eggs and fully understand your feelings and can reassure you both.

UK egg donors: No waiting list

Manchester Fertility egg donors are UK-based women who donate eggs to us either because they simply wish to help someone have a baby, or because they need IVF themselves and are willing to share their eggs at the same time.

We get to know all of our egg donors well, and can offer you a choice of health-screened egg donors with no waiting list. Once you’ve made the decision to use donor eggs, choosing your egg donor and planning your family can be an exciting time. Our dedicated Donation Team is here to support you through this process.

Start your treatment with donor eggs in Cheshire

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We’ll make you an initial, free no obligation one-to-one appointment where you can explore more about using donor eggs, our money-back guarantee funding option and your chances of pregnancy using donor eggs.


Last updated: 20th April 2017