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IVF Refund Programme

The Access Fertility IVF Refund Plan is the first pre-paid plan available in the UK to offer IVF patients a full 100% money-back guarantee if treatment fails. It also offers substantial savings of around a third, compared to paying for the same treatment individually.

Dependent upon your age, you can choose a three-cycle IVF plan with a refund of either 50%, 70% or 100% of plan fees if treatment doesn’t result in a live birth.

Or you can opt for fewer included cycles, with a two-cycle IVF plan that gives you a 50% refund.

Women aged 37 and under: If you’re aged 37 and under, all refund tiers and inclusive cycle options are open to you. You can choose the three-cycle option and receive either 100%, 70% or 50% of your plan fee back if you do not have a baby, or you can choose the two-cycle option that gives you a 50% refund.

Women aged 38 and 39: Older women are now included in the Refund Plan for the first time. You can choose the three-cycle, 50% refund option only. 

What you get

The IVF Refund Plan includes, for all refund tier options:  

  • Up to two or three cycles of IVF (dependent upon your chosen plan) and transfer of all embryos (including frozen embryos in subsequent cycles) at savings of up to 40% compared to paying for individual cycles as you go
  • Our EmbryoScope time-lapse technology ensuring we choose only the best embryos to transfer
  • EmbryoGlue – a special culture solution that helps your embryos adhere to the uterus after transfer
  • Blastocyst transfer – your embryos develop for longer in our laboratory to an advanced stage
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos.

If you need ICSI as part of your treatment, a refinement of IVF where a single healthy sperm is injected directly into the egg to fertilise it, you can opt for the IVF Refund ICSI package which includes this for each of your cycles.

What it excludes:

  • The fertility drugs you need for your IVF treatment - medication costs can be added to some Access Fertility plans. Contact Access Fertility for details and pricing.
  • Donor sperm (unless ICSI plan is taken)
  • Donor eggs 
  • Surgical sperm retrieval


Eligibility for the IVF Refund Plan is subject to a medical review by Access Fertility. Your Manchester Fertility consultant will prepare the necessary information and send it to Access Fertility for you, there are no additional tests needed.

Plan prices and refund amounts

Your level of refund in the event of unsuccessful treatment is defined by your choice of plan:

IVF/ICSI Three-Cycle Refund Plan: 100% and 70% option: women aged 37 and under only

100% IVF Refund Plan Fee      Refund Value    
100% IVF REFUND UNDER 35s    £11,100 £11,100
100% IVF REFUND 35-37 £12,500 £12,500
100% ICSI Refund    
100% ICSI REFUND UNDER 35s £13,950 £13,950
100% ICSI REFUND 35-37 £15,600 £15,600
70% IVF Refund    
70% IVF REFUND UNDER 35s £9,600 £6,720
70% IVF REFUND 35-37 £10,300 £7,210
70% ICSI Refund    
70% ICSI REFUND UNDER 35s £12,000 £8,400
70% ICSI REFUND 35-37 £12,950 £9,065

IVF/ICSI Three-Cycle Refund Plan: 50% option: all women aged under 40

50% IVF Refund Plan Fee Refund Value    
50% IVF REFUND UNDER 35s     £8,950          £4,475   
50% IVF REFUND 35-37 £9,750 £4,875
50% IVF REFUND 38-39 £10,900 £5,450
50% ICSI Refund    
50% ICSI REFUND UNDER 35s £11,250 £5,625
50% ICSI REFUND 35-37 £12,250 £6,125
50% ICSI REFUND 38-39 £13,750 £6,875

IVF/ICSI Two-Cycle 50% Refund Plan: women aged 37 and under only

2-cycle 50% IVF Refund Plan Fee Refund Value    
50% IVF REFUND UNDER 35s     £7,950         £3,975
50% IVF REFUND 35-37 £8,400 £4,200
2-cycle 50% ICSI Refund    
50% ICSI REFUND UNDER 35s £10,500  £5,250
50% ICSI REFUND 35-37 £10,600 £5,300

Benefits of IVF Refund Plan

  • You choose your refund amount – 50, 70% or 100%
  • Up to two or three IVF/ICSI cycles paid for in advance at a fixed discounted cost, saving around a third compared to paying for individual cycles
  • No worry about funding further cycles if treatment is initially unsuccessful
  • No worry about total financial loss if you don’t have a baby
  • Refund Plan open to all patients aged under 40

Medication costs can also be included. 

Our partner Access Fertility offer payment options for IVF refund packages here at Manchester Fertility. You can find out more about payment plans, including monthly payment options, by contacting Access Fertility on 01865 80 1000 or visiting their website


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