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  1. 12 Jul 2017

    Is There a Shortage of Egg Donors in the UK? No Waiting List at Manchester Fertility

    Posted: 12 July 2017
    Is There a Shortage of Egg Donors in the UK? No Waiting List at Manchester Fertility

    If you need an egg donor to have a baby, how easy is it to find one in the UK?

    With the news headlines reporting a ‘serious shortfall’ in egg donors in Nottingham, and a local fertility clinic in Liverpool resorting to using foreign donor eggs, you may assume that you’ll be facing a long and difficult wait, or may have to go abroad.

    But the good news is that you can actually have treatment with UK donor eggs in this country, right now.

    At Manchester Fertility, our own Manchester Donors egg donor programme means we have UK-based egg donors readily available - we don’t have a waiting list – and can even offer you treatment with a money-back guarantee.

    Donor Eggs in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool

    Live in our region and looking for an egg donor? We can offer you an extensive choice of egg donors who are all healthy, health-screened and fertile women aged 18-35. Our egg donors come from across the North West to donate to us, either altruistically or as part of their IVF cycle.

    And as all our egg donors are HFEA-registered, they’re identifiable and traceable to your child in future.

    Cost-effective treatment with frozen donor eggs

    We don’t just offer treatment with fresh donor eggs. We also offer frozen donor eggs, giving you a cost effective way to have a baby using an egg donor.

    Frozen donor eggs are just as viable for pregnancy as fresh, thanks to the advanced freezing technique we use which doesn’t affect egg quality and results in a high thaw survival rate.

    Access to UK donor eggs – no matter where you live

    You can access our UK egg donor bank no matter where you live. Women from all over the UK travel to us specifically for treatment with our donor eggs and to benefit from our expertise. If you’re outside of our region, we’ll streamline the process where we can for your convenience, including offering online consultations.

    Self-refer for fertility treatment with donor eggs

    It’s easy to start treatment at Manchester Fertility. You can self-refer to us here, we don’t need a GP referral. We’ll carry out all the necessary tests and develop a completely personalised donor eggs treatment plan for you that gives you the highest chance of pregnancy.

    Have a chat to our friendly Donation Team on 0161 300 2734 to explore your options, funding choices and latest egg donor availability based on your egg donor preferences.

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    About the Author - Samantha Slack

    Samantha Slack, Donor Programme Team Leader

    Donor Programme Team Leader

    Samantha Slack heads up our dedicated egg and sperm donor team, which manages all the processes for our donors and for our patients who use donated eggs or sperm. Her considerable organisational skills from a background in team management enables her to effectively plan and streamline your treatmen...

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