Guaranteed Number of Donor Eggs, The Best Pregnancy Chances

20th September 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

When you come to Manchester Fertility for treatment using our UK donor eggs, our focus is achieving a successful pregnancy for you, which we do in a number of ways – including giving you a guaranteed minimum of six fresh or frozen donor eggs from your chosen egg donor.

We can promise this number of eggs per treatment cycle because we only accept healthy, fertile women as egg donors who will respond well to ovarian stimulation. But this doesn’t mean we over stimulate our donors to maximise donor egg numbers.

We focus on donor egg quality, not quantity - ensuring the donor eggs we offer give you the very best chance ofpregnancy.

Multiple embryos, multiple pregnancy chances

We’ll fertilise your donor eggs using your partner’s sperm or quality donor sperm from our UK donor sperm bank.

Using our considerable expertise, and optional technologies such as time-lapse embryo development, we’ll identify the best embryo for your transfer that has the highest potential for pregnancy.

If all of your donor eggs successfully fertilise and result in quality embryos developed to an advanced stage, if you wish to any good quality extra embryos can be frozen in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Frozen embryos can be used if your current treatment is unsuccessful, or you do have a baby and wish to have another child, which would be a biologically-related sibling.

Using frozen embryos made from donor eggs: Frozen Embryo Transfer

Using frozen embryos to conceive involves carefully preparing your body for pregnancy using precise doses of fertility medications, which prepare your uterus for the thawed embryo to implant and which support your body in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

We have good success rates for Frozen Embryo Transfer in all our patients, because of our expertise in embryo selection.

Treatment with donor eggs in the North West

You can start your journey to pregnancy using donor eggs with us now. We have no waiting list for UK donor eggs or treatment consultations.

Call our dedicated Donation Team on 0161 300 2737 to get started and find out more about the types of egg donors we have for you.

You can also explore having treatment with donor eggs with us with a money-back guarantee, through Access Fertility’s Donor Eggs IVF Refund Plan.


Last updated: 19th September 2017