The first steps of fertility treatment

1st July 2016 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Taking the first step towards IVF or any kind of fertility treatment can be daunting. At Manchester Fertility we understand that sometimes, even just making that first enquiry phone call to us can take courage.

So to help reassure you, here’s our advice on what you can do during this early stage, so you’re comfortable and ready to start treatment with confidence:

Getting to know your clinic and its team

If you’re interested in treatment at a particular clinic, you’ll no doubt research its latest success rates, read its brochures and leaflets and patient testimonials. But it’s also just as vital to get your own ‘feel’ for the clinic and its team before you commit to any treatment.

At Manchester Fertility we welcome potential patients through One-to-Ones with our Patient Advisors, and also through our regular Open Evenings.

Patient One-to-Ones are no obligation, private informal sessions designed to not only answer any questions you have about any treatments you’re interested in, but to also show you around our clinic and introduce some of our team, so you get a really good understanding of how we work, and the personal attention and focus on your care that we are known for.

Our Open Evenings are designed for groups of patients interested in the same treatment, such as treatment with donor eggs or donor sperm, with limited places on each session to keep the group small yet informal. You can find out the next date for our Open Evening and reserve your place online here.

By spending the time to get to know more about your clinic team, than what’s just on paper, you’ll be able to decide if your preferred clinic really is the right clinic for you.

Deciding how to fund your IVF or infertility treatment

The cost of private fertility treatment is something that concerns many potential patients when they’re deciding which clinic to choose. At Manchester Fertility, we offer a range of cost-effective, fixed-fee discounted treatment plans, which are designed to make treatment as accessible as possible.

These include IVF Refund, Donor Eggs IVF Refund and Multi-Cycle packages through Access Fertility, to our own IVF with Donor Eggs plans and our discounted packages created especially for our patients having donor sperm insemination.  Our packages are fully costed, giving patients who choose a package the reassurance of one single fixed fee for their entire treatment journey.

If you’re eligible for IVF funding on the NHS, dependent upon where you live and the policy of your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we may also be able to help you transfer your NHS funding to our clinic. This would enable you to have your NHS treatment under the care of our expert consultants, with all the benefits of our techniques and technologies, instead of at your local NHS unit.

Our team will give you guidance on your suitable funding options, so you can make an informed choice and then begin your treatment without worrying about the costs.

Your first consultant appointment

Your first consultant appointment is nothing to be worried about. Our fertility specialist will discuss with you your medical history and that of your partner too, including any previous cycles of treatment you’ve had, along with the fertility tests that are needed such as semen analysis and ovarian reserve.

The results of your tests enable us to formulate the best treatment plan for you. You’ll be under the care of the most appropriate fertility specialist for your diagnosis every step of the way, our consultant team has varied areas of expertise, from male factor infertility in all of its forms to recurrent miscarriage and ovulatory disorders.

Your consultant will always explain everything in an easy to understand way, so you know what’s going to happen. You can ask any questions you have and if you need clarification or have further questions after your first appointment, just call us, we’re here to help.

Our Patient Advisors are always here to support you, and if you’re having treatment using donor eggs or donor sperm, you’ll also be supported by our dedicated Donation Team

If you’re interested in treatment with us, call our friendly team on 0161 300 2737 or apply online here to get started. For more advice on researching clinics, read our guide to Choosing an IVF clinic.

Last updated: 30th June 2016