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IVF Multi-Cycle Programme

The IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is a ‘pre-pay’ plan which gives you up to two IVF cycles at a significantly reduced cost. The IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is a good option if you are concerned about how much treatment may cost and how many cycles you may need, because of its fixed, discounted fee. It also has much broader acceptance criteria.

What you get

The IVF Multi-Cycle Programme includes:

  • Up to two cycles of IVF, and transfer of all embryos (including frozen embryos in subsequent cycles)
  • Our EmbryoScope time-lapse technology ensuring we choose only the best embryos to transfer
  • EmbryoGlue – a special culture solution that helps your embryos adhere to the uterus after transfer
  • Blastocyst transfer – your embryos develop for longer in our laboratory to an advanced stage
  • Freezing and one year’s storage for your embryos

If you need ICSI as part of your treatment, a refinement of IVF where a single healthy sperm is injected directly into the egg to fertilise it, you can opt for the IVF Multi-Cycle ICSI package which includes this for each of your cycles.

What it excludes:

  • The fertility drugs you need for your IVF treatment are not included - medication costs can be added to some Access Fertilty plans. Contact Access Fertility for details and pricing.
  • Donor sperm
  • Donor eggs
  • Surgical sperm retrieval


The IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is open to ALL Manchester Fertility patients, regardless of diagnosis, who are aged 42 and under and using their own eggs in their treatment. There is no medical acceptance criteria.

Benefits of IVF Multi-Cycle Programme

  • Fixed costs for your treatment: Peace of mind that you have more than one IVF attempt paid for in advance
  • Discounted treatment compared to paying for the same treatment as you go along
  • Wide eligibility criteria – all patients aged 42 and under using their own eggs will be accepted
  • No medical review needed


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