NHS IVF Transfer

If you are eligible for NHS IVF, did you know that you may be able to have your IVF treatment with us, still funded by your local health authority?

We welcome many NHS patients to Manchester Fertility who have transferred their NHS cycle to us.

Your local Integrated Care Board - which decides how local NHS budgets are spent – may consider transferring your NHS IVF cycle to Manchester Fertility if you can put forward good reasons why we would be a better clinic for you, than the NHS clinic you would otherwise be referred to.

We have helped patients transfer their NHS IVF treatment, and even IVF with donor eggs treatment to us in certain circumstances, so that they can benefit from our advanced techniques, leading fertility specialists and dedicated, bespoke personal care.

ICBs who have previously transferred patients to us include those across Central, North and South Manchester, Salford, Cheshire, Trafford, Oldham, Lancashire, Tameside and Glossop.

NHS IVF transfer process


Individual funding request

Contact your GP and ask that an Individual Funding Request (IFR) is submitted directly to your ICB on your behalf. It will need to include your reasons as to why you wish to have your treatment with Manchester Fertility.


Funding agreed

If your funding request is accepted, your ICB will write to us directly to let us know you can start treatment.


Screening & consent

If you have already completed screening tests elsewhere, you may not need to have these tests repeated, but it depends on whether it is your first cycle of IVF in the UK or not. We will advise you about this. Consent forms will also need to be completed with us. Your treatment can now begin. Learn more about the IVF treatment process from this point on our IVF treatment page.

Funding options if you are not eligible for NHS fertility treatment

If you cannot get NHS IVF treatment where you live and your only option to have a family is to self-fund privately, explore our Funding Options Overview. We have pre-paid plans for all major treatments, offering discounted cycles and even a money-back guarantee, to reduce the financial worry and risk of private fertility treatment.

Chat to our New Patient Coordinators on 0161 300 2737 to find out more about transferring your NHS fertility treatment to Manchester Fertility.