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9th December 2016 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

If you need donor sperm to have a baby, you can be assured of the quality of UK donor sperm available at Manchester Fertility.

Because we don’t just let anyone become a sperm donor. To donate to us through our nationwide sperm donor bank Semovo, men must have the ‘gold standard’ of sperm – sperm that can perform through all the fertility treatments required.

We look for sperm that has superior motility and exceptional mobility. Sperm that has a strong count, and is free of any abnormalities that would normally prevent conception.

But our recruitment process involves much more than just thorough semen analysis. We also look at the donor himself. He must be completely free of any infectious or contagious diseases, and is rescreened regularly. Have no serious medical history in his family – we look as far back as grandparents.

And importantly, what type of person is he? Why does he want to donate sperm? Is he prepared to be identifiable to any child you have? All our sperm donors must agree to this, so your child has the opportunity to find out their biological origins if they wish to, when they turn 18.

By being strict and selective in our sperm donor recruitment process – including implications counselling for all potential sperm donors - you can be assured that all of the UK donor sperm we offer is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, from men who are traceable and who have a genuine motivation to want to help others.

Men who are prepared to be identifiable in future to any child you have, and who are happy to complete detailed donor profiles to give you an insight into who they are, so you can choose them with confidence. Men who are supported throughout by our dedicated Donation Team, so we get to know them well.

All of this means that you have the highest chance of pregnancy when you come to us for treatment with donor sperm. We have extensive experience of using donor sperm to help people achieve families through IVF with donor sperm and donor sperm insemination – from single women and same-sex couples to men with male fertility issues.

Our consistent success rates across all ages of patients using donor sperm is thanks to our expertise, combined with our bespoke, personal approach and our advanced technologies.

So whilst many other clinics in the UK are happy to rely on foreign imported donor sperm to help their patients, at Manchester Fertility through Semovo we’re committed to encouraging and promoting UK sperm donation. So when we say, “we’ve found you your ideal sperm donor,” you can be confident of our insight and knowledge.

Discover the Manchester Fertility difference for yourself- it’s why so many people travel considerable distance to us, to have a baby with the help of our UK sperm donors.

Refer yourself for treatment here by applying online, or book in for a private, free one-to-one appointment with a Patient Advisor to get started.


Last updated: 21st June 2021