Donor Sperm & Donor Eggs in Cheshire & Manchester: Our Success

10th February 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that our donor sperm and donor egg banks are amongst the most successful in the UK?

Over 1,000 men applied to be sperm donors through our national Semovo sperm bank in just one month; whilst our Manchester Donors donor egg bank continues to be the leading choice for women who want to donate eggs or egg-share in Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool.

Our success is great news for our patients - it means much more than just no waiting list to join if you need donor eggs or donor sperm to have a baby. It also means:

  • No fertility tourism:You don’t need to go abroad to get immediate treatment with donor sperm or donor eggs. We have donor sperm and donor eggs ready for you now at our private IVF clinic in Cheshire.
  • No worry about your child’s future:Our sperm and egg donors are traceable and identifiable, so your child can find out their genetic history in future when they turn 18, if they wish to find out.
  • No health worries about your donor:All our egg and sperm donors are health screened to the strictest HFEA standards, including testing for conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Extensive choice of donors:Through our unique national sperm bank Semovo, we offer the most extensive and best choice of sperm donors. Our sperm donors aren’t just recruited locally in the North West but from across all areas of the UK through our sperm donor clinic network.
  • The highest quality donor sperm and donor eggs:Only men with the highest quality sperm, and healthy fertile women with good ovarian reserve, are accepted as sperm and egg donors with us to maximise your chances of pregnancy.

Our success rates for IVF with donor eggs and donor sperm insemination remain consistently strong thanks to our years of expertise in helping people to create their families with the help of our donors.

Almost 40% of women aged 40-42, and a third of women aged 43 and above who use our donor eggs (fresh cycle per embryo transfer) get pregnant with us. Almost a fifth of patients aged under 35 who have a course of natural cycle donor sperm insemination treatment also get pregnant – you can read many successful patient stories on our Testimonials page.

Book in for your first appointment with us if you need a sperm donor or an egg donor. You’ll be supported every step of the way by our Donation Team and fertility counsellors, who provide personal help and guidance throughout your journey.

Or why not come and meet us next month at the Fertility Show? We’ll be at the event at Manchester Central (25-26 March) to help you with any enquiries you have about having a family with us. Book your tickets here.


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