IVF with Donor Eggs: Our Support During Treatment

10th May 2016 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

For many women, learning that your only option to have a baby is to use donor eggs can be a lot to come to terms with. Especially if it’s a decision that has been reached after previous failed cycles of IVF treatment or many months trying to conceive without success.

Needing treatment with donor eggs to have a family isn’t as uncommon as you might think however. Some women need donor eggs because they are in their 40s and have age-related infertility. Others have had medical treatment or have been through early menopause or premature ovarian failure.

In all cases, donor eggs give them the best chance of having a baby, and at Manchester Fertility our success rate for donor egg IVF cycles this year is over 80%, with UK-based egg donors available right now, with no waiting list.

But practicalities and success rates aside, what about the emotional impact? The emotional issues surrounding the use of donor eggs are complex, and very personal.

You might worry about how you will feel towards a baby that doesn’t share your genes, the implications of this on your partner, any existing children or indeed family members.

How will you explain to the child when they are old enough, how they came to be born? And what if, even though you carefully chose your egg donor to resemble you, your child doesn’t look anything like you expect?

At Manchester Fertility, our many years of experience in helping women to have a baby using donor eggs has shown us that there is so much more to this treatment than just the procedure itself. So we take care of not just your physical needs, but your emotional well being too - you’ll only ever be in the safest of hands.

Our dedicated Donation Team was created by us purely to provide one-on-one support to all those who need to use donor eggs – or donor sperm - to have a baby. We recognise the importance of having someone to talk to who understands the sensitivity of this type of treatment, who can help you choose your ideal donor with confidence and guide you through treatment processes. 

Our counsellors are here to give you professional support, a chance to talk things through confidentially and in private, both alone and with your partner. None of the things you are feeling will be a surprise, and they’ll discuss all the different implications of using donor eggs. Not just now, but in the future, including the future well being of your child and their opportunity to find out who their egg donor is when they’re an adult.

At Manchester Fertility our caring and emphatic approach, along with our strong donor egg programme, is why so many women choose us for this very special treatment.

If you’d like to discuss treatment with donor eggs, call our dedicated Donation Team on 0161 300 2737 or book in for a private, free one-to-one with our team.

You can also find out more about funding options, including the Access Fertility Donor Egg IVF Refund programme which gives you multiple cycles of IVF with donor eggs from our exclusive donors, at significantly reduced fees.

Last updated: 20th January 2020